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My Colonoscopy

Had no idea that when I bought Tommy Wiseau underwear i'd also get a signed headshot and a flyer for his next movie!

so let me get this straight... for 2 bucks at Rite Aid you can see if you're pregnant while chomping on some whoppers!?

I had a dream last night that I was pregnant and @HolidayReinhorn and I went into a very small doctors clinic that felt like it was in New England. I had to poop and I pooped all around the office as I was signing in. Turds we're on the counter by the clipboard. I met the doctor (A nice, new England-style, white-haired country doctor) and the nurse who said: "what am I going to tell the cleaning people about all this poop?" Me:" tell them a guy was seriously pregnant and had no control over his bowels!" She got it and smiled.

I was very nervous about the upcoming procedure but I was not in labor. My stomach was distended but not hugely so. No one thought there was anything weird about any of these events.


Canada, please explain:

These should also be recalled because of 1) fat 2) racism and 3) gross

@theirworldorg's new animated film explains why the 0 - 5 years are so important. Not everyone realises that what happens between when you're born and blowing out the candles on your fifth birthday has been scientifically proven to help shape the adult you'll become. But with your help we're confident we can get the message out there. Take a minute to watch and help stand up for those who may not have mastered standing yet. #5for5

Lunch with my delightfully lovely pal @MsJennaFischer! #OldFriends

I want to grow up to be a debaser. #Pixies #FrontRow

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