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Lilly💧Raindrop Slime  ☏ business inquiries: raindropslime@gmail.com RESTOCK date TBA ✧

Spam the comments with pink and white emojis!

My melody marshmallow from @memorial.slimes :-) this slime is wonderful, it smells so nice and the texture is so soft and squishable as well! I love the two colors and how you can mix it yourself, it looks so nice before you take it out of the container!!!

Favorite boba flavor?
Mine’s original :-))

Bobasaur from @memorial.slimes !! you NEED this slime, it’s sooo thick and glossy and it smells just like honeydew boba? Also look how cute the name is wow😪 and peep the foam bead that fell out in the beginning hehe

Least favorite class in school?
I dislike English, I’ve never been good at language classes like English and Spanish loll

Hey guys! I’m not dead, in contrary to popular belief (my DMs) :’)
Clear slime + cloud slime from @memorial.slimes !! Posting the full review in separate parts later :))

How was your summer?
Mine was alright, I rate a 6/10

Oh also I’ll be replying to tons of comments on this post, I’ve gone weeks of not interacting with you guys since I’ve practically disappeared from IG this entire summer :((( I can’t reply to all but I’ll do my best!💓💓

Have you went back to school yet, if not when does your school start?

Can’t post the full vid bc my WiFi is trashhh sorry :-(

(Oddly specific) how similar are we:
Have you ever ran out of white daiso clay bc you haven’t made large batches of butter slime in months so you use yellow clay and the end result doesn’t turn out that bad like you thought it would? If so, +1000 pts 😩😩
If you have 1000 points we r twins!!

Comment “raindrop slime is” and make a sentence using predictive!

Lowkey looks like the salad emoji except maybe a fruit salad? Also, sorry for the clear slime sticking on my hands, I sped up the video in the beginning so it’s less painful to watch lol.

Anyways, (at the time of writing the caption) I just arrived at China after an exhausting 14 hour long flight and my VPN works hurray (but it’s taking so long to post and I had to wait an entire day before actually posting)! :-) also I woke up @ like 4 to post this bc there’s less people on the hotel WiFi..

Candy or chocolate?
Tbh idk, I used to HATE chocolate but it’s growing on me now hahah

This first video in a looong time that I’m actually happy with how it turned out :’) this looks just like one of my og videos where my account was at its peak (video wise) sigh I miss when my feed looked nice

Also, I’ll be going to China soon, any VPN suggestions so I can post while I’m there? :)

Today’s my birthday! :) I put this on my story, but thank you for all of the bday wishes, I wish I could thank all of you individually but just wanted you guys to know I really appreciate all of your kind & amazing comments💕💘💖
Also I haven’t done a gold leaf mixing in such a long time lol enjoy

Clear bubbles! Haven’t done one of these videos in a while :’) guess how many oz (you can’t see the whole container)

On a scale from 1-10, how productive was your summer? For me, 3 maybe, I feel like I did absolutely nothing at home besides watch movies/ tv shows and YouTube :-)

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