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Lilly💧Raindrop Slime  ☏ business inquiries: raindropslime@gmail.com RESTOCK date TBA ✧

My last exam is tomorrow ahh I can’t wait until it’s over😪 I had to cut this video short because my tripod unexpectedly fell down after this clip lol

I’ll be away from home for 3 weeks starting on Friday so I can’t record any new slime videos during that time
Do you guys want me to repost old videos/ compilations/ other account’s videos until I can record again? Or not post at all/ disable for 3 weeks? Comment any ideas you have, I’ll try to read them all!💛💛

edit: I will try to prerecord videos, but I doubt they will last the whole 3 weeks unfortunately :(

temporary post✨
Inspired by @slime_ogcrew @nutellaslimey @slimeyoda :-) I thought it looked fun to drizzle cloud slime from the top of a staircase so I tried it!

Comment a vine using only emojis and have other people try to guess your comment!
caption inspo: @slime.bun

by far one of my favorite videos I’ve recorded recently! the star glitter and slime are gorg✨✨

If you’re an iPhone user, which iPhone do you think has the best camera quality?📷
In my opinion, iPhone 6. I have an iPhone 7+ but this video was recorded with a 6 and I feel like the quality is so much better, or is it just me? I like the contrast and clarity of the 6, the 7+ is alright but it’s just personal preference!

Tropical paradise cloud slime: a seafoam colored cloud slime scented mango & papaya🍊🍯 I’ve been trying to post this vid for 1/2 an hour, but instagram is glitching so much :-(

Mint rainbow chip frosting! This is scented like cake batter and it’s such a thick and glossy slime with amazing bubble pops🤤

What posts do you see most often on your explore page? I have mainly slime, but occasionally some self care Twitter threads

What’s your favorite fast food restaurant? I love Panera Bread (if it counts) and Tim Hortons!

Guess the number of slime videos I’ve recorded but have NOT posted!✨✨ hint: um it’s a lot, I’m very picky with what I post lol

Sprinkled donut batter🍩🍯🍭
How many followers did I have when you followed me? I’m actually kinda curious lol

Clay + glitter mixing! The first two clips are sped up a bit since I wanted to fit another video at the end :-)
The floor is lava– are you dead or alive?🌋

Drizzling white peach cloud slime!🤩
Do you like wetter, more drizzly cloud slimes or dense and drier cloud slimes? I personally prefer the first one

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