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Apple lafy taffy🍎 (apple sented)
$2....slime by @akalillieross

Grape milkshake (smells so good) $2

Green mint lafy tafy (mint sented) $4

Sky blue ⛅🔵$2 slime but @akalillieross

Pineapple cream cheese 🍍$4

Berry surprise🍇 I had to post again because I didn't like the other video of this one $3

Cotton candy twist🍭 I had to repost this one to because I didntike the lighting $5

Orange Julius 🍊 by @frutie.slimezz $2

Vanilla bean 🍚$4 (very fluffy)

Sea shine💖 clear slime

Cloud slime.... I couldn't get the slime out of the container ($2)

Slime by @spirit__slimezz Strawberry milk🍓 $4 slime

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