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Rahul Kohli  Actor, Cam girl, Sith, Gamer, Loser. #YNWA

Me: Tall, Dark, slightly greying Indian dude on the Piccadilly line.
You: Silver fox in tight jeans and white shirt.
We kept smiling at each other and then you stuck your anus in my face. Would you like to go out for a drink some time?

Should I just buy an android?

Thoroughly enjoyed my stay with @achievementhunter. #OffTopic 134 is on YouTube now for your viewing/listening pleasure. Here’s me talking about that time I worked at a nightclub trying to attract groups of ladies to come inside. I fucking hated it.

Everyone step back, we got a bad man over here. He’s wearing his jacket on ONE shoulder, he’s got his hands in his back pockets and he’s smelling his own fart. Someone call the police.

“Puck you, Miss!” #iZOMBiE

Only 4 more weeks until we start our fifth and final season! #iZOMBiE

‪Shout out to the best intro on television. #iZOMBiE

Yasmin just sent me this...I hate her.

‪Ravi eats the brain of a fuckboi. ‬

Not been back for 24 hours yet and Mum is already calling me downstairs to get stuff off the shelves she can’t reach. MUM, I’M A FUCKING CELEBRITY NOW YEAH.

Feels so good to be back...🇬🇧

There are some actors that simultaneously steal the scene and yet somehow manage to elevate your performance. @questionanders4 is one of those actors. Let’s show this man some love today x

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