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Rahiem Shabazz  Award winning filmmaker and journalist. Support the #ElementaryGenocide documentary series.


Shipping 💯 units of E.G. School To Prison Prison Pipeline out to California. Elementary Genocide 3: Academic Holocaust on the way. #elementarygenocide

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Every Nation Has A Flag. Builders Build Regards of The Time.

Happy Born Day To Father Allah 2/22/1928 #NationofGodsAndEarths

The true meaning of "Entrepreneur"

Look 👀 Mama I made it to the big screen. S/O to @queen_chas_ase for putting on a beautiful event in Bastrop, LA for the Northeast Louisiana Black History Film Festival #ElementaryGenocide

Repost via Ireatha Slater Harris !!!!! I attended the film festival with youth of my church this weekend.will was sponsored by CURE a local group of young people working together to bring effective change and quality of life to our community!! Attendance was great and the movies were excellent! The dialogue and comments after the movies were also on point!! I always try to involve my youth in events to expose them to different ideas and make them think! There were many relevant themes highlighted and expounded on in these movies but the one that hit home to me and I will digest and elaborate on came from the documentary" school to prison pipeline". Little innocent black boys who are 8 years old and can not read, statistics say they will end up in jail! Are we going to let the statistics become reality? Its a fact marjority of our children boys and girls can not read by 3rd grade!! All children can read if they are exposed to books!! The children in this photo are not wearing shoes but they ve books because their parents knew if they got a good education, they could buy their own shoes!! 2017 we dont understand this concept!! Thank you CURE, I hope the parents and children eyes were open!!

It's always a pleasure to see #ElementaryGenocide documentary is awaken people to the reality of the school to prison pipeline and folks are taken action.

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At Live #XPerience with @mental_dialogue for the screening of #ElementaryGenocide