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"May the yearning for freedom of all Tibet that we have nurtured in our hearts for so long come true and soon enjoy the future of glorious celebration of spiritual and political harmony" — H.H. Dalai Lama
I feel ya, same.

Matriarchs of my family // maava(n) thandiya(n) chaava(n) #mothersday

Heart torn between places you can imagine being called a home, and the home you already have.

"Aloo lailo, gobi lailo, sohne sohne kele lailo, gol gol sohne sangtrayy, tumaattarr, tumaattarr, tumattarr..."

April 27-

Fresh memories fade
slowly forgetting what was real
except you did exist,
now we are here,
three years without you.

Bhagsunag Falls

Some roads are so tranquil here.
Also wish Instagram would fix its vertical ratio for the pictures. It stays ruining my framing 😩

Siblings hanging clothes to dry on manjhiyaa(n) // Joys of looking at life outside a bus window. En route to Dharamshala [Finally uploading pictures from India] #latergram

Hoping one day I'll have a lush garden full of majestic trees.

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