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Ragini Bahl  Classic Gemini...#arranged season 1

Not sure how we have it this far other than the universe/God/powers that be have been looking out ☝🏽 36weeks offish! This pic was back at 30 weeks or so when my in laws threw a religious ceremony at their place (red stuff on my face was part of the ceremony, not the case of a bad blush application 😂). Decor by @payelt per usual 🤗 less than 2 weeks to go to meet these little humans! 👶🏼👶🏼. #twinmom #almostdone #needthatwine

Hey Insta friends! Join me in wishing my sweet nephew good luck at his upcoming national race in Indy! If you can, follow him to show some encouragement @keawn_tandon ...he is a hard working young man that understands the value of putting in the work! What a great role model he will be for my kiddos!

Throwback to what seems like an eternity ago at 23 weeks pregnant...back when the bump was hardly visible. Flash forward 10 weeks and here I am...still standing (but needing to sit 99% of the time ;) #antibabyshower #90stheme #twinmom #3weeksandchangetogo

Had such a wonderful bday with my bestie today full of pregnancy-friendly activities (ie, eating, watching Veeral drink, going to a museum and pretending to understand art, massages, etc). Turning over another year and grateful for it🙏

What a difference angles can make 😜 I am happy to report that I have a major surge of energy and desire to work out after starting iron pills for anemia...I was hesitant because I was afraid nausea would get worse but it’s been super helpful for any other preggo ladies contemplating! #25weekspregnant #twinpregnancy

These babies betta recognize that their parents are some OG fly-ass gangstas ;) because who says you have to dress up at your own baby shower #90sfashion #antibabyshower #90stheme #iceicebabies2018 #23weeks #longwaytogo

Recovering in bed today from what can only be described as the most amazing, epic (hate using that word but it fits perfect here), anti-baby shower ever thrown by none other than my incredibly talented and generous sister in law , Payel @payelt . Veeral and I wanted to do something fun and unique so we went with a 90s theme baby shower that went on until the wee hours (for me anyways!) what an incredible celebration with our friends and family that will go down in history! Many more pics to follow this was only the dessert table! #bestsisterever #antibabyshower #90stheme #freshprince #freshprincess #iceicebabies #twolegit #bumpandgrind (emphasis on the bump!) #pumpsandabump #ittakestwotomakeathinggoright #

Having to optimize size/positioning of Veeral’s large hand to cover the bump 😜...its happening faster than I could have realized! Twin pregnancies are sooo different than singletons in so many ways 😬 suffice it to say...expect to look fully pregnant much sooner! I’m sure I’ll be getting the “wow due any day now huh?” comments sooner than I anticipated 😂 #20weeksoffish

Well, quite a LIFE UPDATE to share over here that some of you have been asking about ;)! But first… Opportunity. Or “Challenge,” “Being out of your comfort zone,” “Stretching and growing,” etc. Definitely terms I am familiar with, however you want to phrase it. From moving from the ‘burbs of Houston, to building my ‘dream career’ in media and entertainment in LA. From all the crazy stories of dating in LA (before the mobile apps!), to finally meeting the man of my dreams in the most unexpected way. I made it a point to enjoy dating in my 20s and try and apply as many learning lessons as possible so that I could be the best version of “me” before “he” came along. And man, he was worth every day of waiting 😊 From sharing/documenting the first year of our marriage with the world, to our very own IVF journey the past year or so. I was scared out of mind to share my private life with the world, but I knew it was a once in a lifetime opportunity that fell into our lap. Definitely worth it even though I may have felt conflicted at the time. And of course….all these ‘opportunities’ that came along meant that I was going to delay having a family and I am proud to wear the badge of honor of having gone through IVF….I know some women are lucky enough to go the natural route….I was not one of those women and I am now proud so say that I survived every injection, every weekly doctor’s appointment, countless blood tests and ultra sounds, going from an IUI procedure straight into a work meeting without breaking a sweat after I could go on and on about this one! But it’s the end result that matters now, which is…. Veeral and I officially have the opportunity to become PARENTS! We are officially expanding the Bahl-Gajjar fam to include both a boy and a girl (yes, it’s twins!). It’s been such a mix of emotions for me, while I am happy to report that Veeral is calm and collected as can be (of course!). Pregnancy is NO picnic. Kudos to EVERY SINGLE MOM out there that grew life in their uterus :) Thank you all in advance for the good wishes as we start this new chapter of our lives! 🤗 photo cred @yvettemariephoto

In the words of Drake, “hidden hills is where I post” (for last night anyways;) Thanks for hosting a great party! @tunishatandon ...onto Round 2 tonight. Be safe out there all and happy early new year!

#wbw (yes it’s a thing) and happy 3rd anniversary to the love of my life! My life truly began after becoming your wife...while life has had its ups and downs, we manage to make each other smile after even the hardest of days. Eternally grateful for our partnership and looking forward to the next chapter of #teamveerag 😘

Me and my gorgeous sissy 😘

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