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  Stop stealing our memes we stole them first fair and square


i keep thinking about this -m

also me -m

this genuinely interests me -m


i feel personally attacked by this -m

guys it's my birthday omg -m

bitchin' camaro by the dead milkmen always makes me laugh the intro is hilarious-m

it's my birthday tomorrow get pumped -m

absolutely amazing -m

omg the only time i've been to church was for a my grandmothers funeral and the bit came where the priest did something about wine and i thought of that thing where jesus is like this wine is my blood ect and then he opens a jar of mayo and judas is like wow i'm gonna stop u right there and ya i thought of that and i fuCKING SNORTED in the middle of my grandmothers fucking funeral and that made my dad snort bc he laughs when he's nervous and takes the piss out of religion in general so that's my story thank you amen -m

aggravation level -m

i am cackling-m

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