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Raghav Juyal (crockroaxz)  Mountain boy 🗻🏔⛰. Save Mother Earth 🌏 help and love every being ,

Beautiful my little sister m proud of u ,sorry for my late post🤦‍♂️
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My video is up on my YouTube Channel💛
Go check it out....Have tried something different after a long time!!
I hope you guys enjoy and like it!❤
-Say you won't let go by @jamesarthurinsta23
I loved this song coz it made me feel happy and i think the video says the same!
Love you guys!!!!💋💋
@piyush_bhagat Thanks for helping me shoot this video Mr.Director

Hum teen bhai

Me and my friend @iamrichlovatt would like to wish u all a very happy Independence Day 😂

Villa maia , १०८ साल का है , Goa में है ,

हम लोकल है . मिट्टी में खेलके बड़े हुए हैं ,
Or ek din mil bhi JayeNgey उसी में थ्रोबैक पीचेफ़ैको

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Is India with Ankit Bhaskar?
YouTube link to the Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVDUbkibSi0

Ankit Bhaskar has taken a stand. He has taken a stand for India.
It is not going to be easy. No world record ever is.
Ankit is part of Team Evolution, India’s stunting champions. Over the next few days, he is practicing to eventually break one of the toughest stunt records for non geared bikes. One hundred and one ‘circle wheelies’. Are you with him? Is India with him?
Jai Hind!


The shadow of the cloud
सीधा स्त्रोत देखो ,परछाईं एक वहम है
पर kabhi कभी परछाईं Hona ज़रूरी है ताकि उसके सहारे स्त्रोत मिल jaye q

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We use 500 million plastic straws every day. 🍹🚫🌊
Celebrities suck but most everyone does. That’s why we're challenging all of you to #StopSucking on single-use plastic straws if you don't need one and help save our ocean. Click the link in @lonelywhale's bio to accept & challenge your friends, family and co-workers!
RG @lonelywhale
#thecurseofplastic #stopsucking

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#waackfestindia dream come true!
@HouseofSuraj and I are finally bringing the world's 1st International Waacking Festival from Los Angeles to INDIA August 30th!

I've wanted to bring LA's International Waack Punk Pose Fest to India since 2010! It's been my dream to give to the community here with kick ass events that inspire and entertain both dancers and spectators!
Event link in my bio! Costume themes, categories, workshops, registration, performances, venue info and more coming soon! #savethedate #houseofsuraj #mumbai #danceplus3 #bollywhack #punking #dramatics #film #hollywood #bollywood #waacking #whacking #disco #70s #nostalgia #vintage #newgeneration #community #knowledge #mudras POSTER BY @hromerodesign

@yashasvijuyal thank u bhai for this darwaza picture

I am so proud of him , my younger brother ,man never seen a dancer like him ,i have never seen dancer like this in India not in the "underground community" not in any reality show , nowhere .he is skilled ,stylish and he has a thing which most of the dancers miss these days ,he fuckin has STage presence ,love u brother wat musicality u have yar @piyush_bhagat thank you dance plus that you choose the best of the best @starplus #EkLevelUp

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