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Lauri Karppinen  10th Planet black belt under Eddie Bravo. BJJ black belt under Magnus Hansson. 10th Planet Tampere head coach.

Playing The Upside Down guard because I like Stranger Things.

Happiness can be achieved by focusing on the smallest things. Like giving hugs to your friends who really need it.
Be kind to people around you and you will see more positive things happening ❤️
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We had an amazing trip to 10th Planet Stockholm with this group of friends from @10ptampere ❤️
Some time off from normal routines, training together and a lot of laughter is never a bad combination.
Can't wait for the next trip!

Some of my @10ptampere family from the wedding of beautiful @roosa_aleksantra and handsome @nilsalfredjj ❤️
I love these people!

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10th planet Tampere/ MMA Team 300 in the wedding

Photo by @voikukkaphotography

Monday well spent at @kamppailuklubi 👌 I taught a small seminar / workshop of leg locks for the excellent grapplers of Oulu.
Thank you for having me teach, attending the seminar and sparring afterwards 😊🙏 I hope to make it back to Oulu later this year!

Trying out new things. Shooting a recurve bow with Tuomo and @orashschmid 🏹🍎 Feeling almost like Willhelm Tell 😆
Such an awesome way to spend a nice summer day at Oulu!

Amazing weekend @cfograpplingteam 🔥
Hanging out with the cool people of Oulu and teaching a seminar for talented and open minded students. You can't beat that!
I hope to be back soon again 😊🙏
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This is the definition of peace of mind 😎👌 After some sauna and cold water swimming with @itsbeneddy and our friends from @10pjoensuu
We were fortunate to have Ben visit @10ptampere for three days to do a seminar, train and hang out in Finland. He is an amazing human being, jiu jitsu practicioner and teacher ❤️
Making new likeminded friends is absolutely the best part of this lifestyle.
The great rolls and study sessions we had have already produced new technical insight for me.. Once again can't wait what it will bring into my game in the long run 😊🙏

Kesällä on luvassa Suomen kovin training camp! Kaikki osallistujat tulee oppimaan uutta sekä gi:n kanssa että ilman.
Samalla pääsee treenaamaan, viettämään aikaa ja tutustumaan uusien ihmisten kanssa..
Tässä on siis paras tapa yhdistää jujutsu ja kesän vietto 🔥😎
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Living so far away from all these awesome 10th Planet black belts @freakahzoidtfs @boogeyman_tfs @seanbeezy87 @jjitzu @itsbeneddy makes it annoyingly rare for me to be able to pick their brains. Amsterdam training camp for me was a great opportunity to learn from each of them.. And I did... A lot 😊🙏
Can't wait to implement some of the new concepts into my Jiu Jitsu and see all the results of this trip in the future 🤔
Thank you @meelowsh for the picture!

Had a great time teaching my seminars at Amsterdam Training Camp! @meelowsh has been taking some amazing pictures during the camp.
During these couple of day I have been learning new details from @jjitzu @seanbeezy87 and @itsbeneddy 🔥
So many great teachers and more coming up later this week.
Life is good 👌

First day and first class at Amsterdam Jiu Jitsu Training Camp 🔥
In the evening class we'll continue with the same concepts and work to apply them in different scenarios.
This is going to be amazing week of learning and having a good time with these awesome people 🙏
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Day One 🔥 First session with 10th Planet Black Belt @raggamuffini
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