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anyone would like to commission me to do their OCs like that just by embroidery ? (look at the previous post for reference) it would be from 10-15$ depending on the size ! ! DM me if interested
other than that, heres some doodling

ah finally done with Leo!!! this was a nice challenge for me, i really want to do more embroidery
gonna try do the doodles of shapes i do sometimes

process pics without the final piece though
really doesnt look much like the drawing but hey

done with my self portrait bc im a primary bitch

slow and messy progress

recently finished this lino cut but i wont be able to make any prints sadly since i dont have the tools
will get it done once school starts though!! #raganiuoc

little bird studies

another ONE im treating yall

doodles with refs

dude !!

got art for you!!!

finished this painting
(is up for purchase in my shop in the bio)

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