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R A G A N D H 💚  . Cool boy 💚 . Love me ? good ., Hate me ? Even better..! ✌ . Dancer 👟 . Love to be an actor ❤ . Single 💪 . Best in me is yet to come 😎

#Boredome#musicall❤#i love stretching my self musically 😅😅❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Just a try ❤#musically love # don't hate me guys😅😅😅😅

I think of my ❤SISTER❤ and know that she is the person who will be there for me,when I can't be here for my self,who will ❤CHEER❤ me to my greatest height and who will ❤CONSOLE❤ me when I have fallen down.she will ❤STAND UP❤ for me and❤LIE DOWN❤beside me and she will ❤FORGIVE❤when i have hurt her.and I want to be her ❤NAUGHTY BROTHER❤ forever.and I always love u MEMA❤❤❤❤ Thank you @shahma_kp for this loveable pic ❤❤❤❤


Blood is thicker than water ❤( my happiness😘❤😘)

Be happy infornt of ur haters it will kill them 😎🖕😎

I may not be PERFECT but iam always ME 😎❤💚

Dance is the hidden language of the soul ❤💚#dancers life 💚

The ones who r crazy enough to think they can change the world💚😂😂😂

😊Nothing is more beautiful than a real smile🤗 that has struggled through tears 💚💚💔❤❤😉🤣

New drop# kanmani 💚#feel the music nd start to shine ❤❤# love ❤😉😎

No matter how dark the night is😊 no matter how dark ur life is 💚 there will always be light❤ guiding u back like the moon 💚❤💚❤

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