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Rae Sanni 

I got to do the Bitch Sesh podcast. Everyone who loves me knows what this means for me. Get to your fave podcast app and listen!

Hey look! The Good Place got a writers guild nomination! I’m not lying. My name is there and everything.

Unoion hall come through

NYC! December 27th! @MisandryWithMR live show at Union Hall with our fave comics! Come through!

My much cooler kid sister @moshoodat just did the damn thing on a photo shoot with Yandy Smith’s skincare campaign. I, um, showered today. Go check my sister out!

I stole this from @april_riles. Evidence I made friends with black women in LA. I also love them

I watched my first episode of Star Trek The Next Generation (really, first episode of Star Trek at all) and let myself go full nerd with these beauties! Have a listen on your favorite Treks and The City podcast app. @treksfashion

I’m not a fan of LA yet, but the weather is so nice I vowed to never be in NYC during winter ever again. But Global Warming just took NYC’s phone and sent me the “I miss you” text NYC was too scared to send himself

My neighbor’s WiFi network name is glorious. It will also be the premise for my screenplay, Real HouseWiFi, a rom-com wherein I become obsessed with the name of my neighbor’s WiFi, then do invasive things to figure out their identity. I discover he’s Michael B Jordan, and trick him into falling in love with me. Of course, there’s a hiccup in Act 2, when he discovers the crazy steps I took to woo him and he’s rightly alarmed, but after some time apart I realize I can’t live without him. Then I get Kenya Moore to show up at his big work event to help me give a grand but totally embarrassing and inappropriate for the context monologue littered with Housewives references to successfully win him back. And I do, even though I really don’t deserve him.

Catch me on the Keep It! podcast chatting with much cooler people than I tomorrow!

My much cooler little sister @Moshoodat was doing an event in Chicago and a fan of @misandrywithmarciaandrae named Erin went to go see her! Thanks for supporting us, Erin. This made my day. 😘

This is my kid sister @moshoodat . She’s the dopest shorty around.

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