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Rae Sanni 

I’m trying to learn to love my curves or whatever but it’s hard bc now I have stretch marks that look like I tried to erase a spelling mistake on my homework w one of those bootleg 99 cent store pencils w the janky erasers so the word doesn’t ever erase it just leaves a streak

The right wing meme places are recirculating that year old tweet and I’m getting harassed again so umm this is just going to be the standard response for anyone here to start up again. Just switch out Sharla’s name for yours.

This is a real thing I just saw. Hood Life Tours. It’s a black dude driving a minivan w the windows down and 4 white women in the back. It’s gross and racist and weird but I can’t stop laughing at the enterprising black man charging white women to show them where in LA to get robbed

I’ll be there soon! With @bigccomedy. Come through. Link in bio

I blessed my coworkers with Doja Cat’s ‘Moo’ video yesterday, they blessed me back today.

Come hang. Link in bio.

Happy ten years to @withreservation she’s brilliant.

Megan has a house! And we warmed it!

Strawberry lemonade or cow heart juice?

I am going to document my poolside transformation into a dark skinned person.

Charles Guerrero was cleaning out his office and found this picture of 15 year old me up at the Aspects of Leadership retreat. So, umm, when was I shopping at hood Hot Topic and why didn’t any of you save me?!

I got some color and vitamin D!

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