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Rafael Grassetti  Art Director at Sony #GodofWar Sharing my process here💡 I’ve made lots of characters for games, toys and comics including an angry god and his son🇧🇷🇺🇸

Did this piece 4 years ago from a Sphere using dynamesh. Everything into one subtool and no symmetry. Based on a concept by Brent Hollowell.
#tbt #characterart #conceptart #sculpting #zbrush #creature #sketch #photoshop

Quick breakdown video of my layers for the “Old Logan” piece. 🔥
Let me know if you have any questions ...
@gabriel.soareszz #3dart #wolverine #sculpting #zbrush @wacom #characterdesign #art

God of War Valkyrie helmet 🔥
Did the final sculpt and lowres, design by the amazing @vancekovacs .
#zbrush #sculpting #godofwar

Swipe left for zbrush concept -> The #godofwar dark elf was a very close design collaboration on designing him with @dlongfish. Final model done by myself and Chris Gillet.

Swipe left for expression tests -> Do you prefer the zbrush renders or grey renders? The Ogre was the first creature I did for God of War, it’s been a while. Happy #tbt
🇧🇷 vocês preferem os renders do zbrush ou os renders cinza?
O Ogro foi o primeiro monstro que fiz para o God of War, já faz um tempo.. feliz #tbt
#godofwar @creaturecorner #sculpting #zbrush #creature #characterdesign

GOW Trolls 🔥 🔥 swipe left for more ->>
This was a really fun character and design to work on. Lots of collaboration with @dlongfish and @vancekovacs To come up with the final design and final models by myself and @ericvaldes11 .
#godofwar #sculpting #characterdesign #3dart #zbrush

Swipe left for more ->> I keep getting questions about Kratos’ beard but Freya was the real challenge there. Before you ask her hair is made out of cards textured in maya and photoshop. Her face was also a big task for me since we didn’t use scans for her. Final model was made by myself and Chris Gillet. .
🇧🇷 Eu recebi varias perguntas sobre a barba do Kratos mas a Freya que vou o verdadeiro desafio com hair. Antes que perguntem foi feito de cards texturizados no maya e photoshop. O rosto foi outro desafio para mim pois não usamos scans para ela. O modelo final foi feito por mim e Chris Gillet.
#godofwar #freya #kratos #characterdesign #3dart

Swipe left for more God of War Draugrs -> Big part of the fun for me is being able to sketch in ZBrush before moving to the final model production. I worked on figuring out the designs for the draugrs with @dlongfish , took us sometime to get to the final design.
These are a few of the models I did.
#godofwar #draugr #sculpting #zbrush

Swipe left for highres ➡️ I get a lot of questions about Baldur’s tattoos. Some of them are protection tats, others talk about his curse and some of them are just for visual, just like any other tattoos 😉 See if you can spot what is what.
I did them with zbrush and photoshop.
🇧🇷 eu recebo muitas perguntas sobre as tatuagens do Baldur, elas são tatuagens de proteção, algumas são sobre sua maldição e outras apenas visual, veja se você consegue identificar qual que é qual.
Eu fiz a projeção é pintura usando zbrush e Photoshop.
#godofwar #baldur #sculpting

Swipe left for more World Snake! ->>
I did lots of tests to prototype the talking aspect of the snake in relationship with its size. Figuring out how the scales would move to create an interesting and unique movement for when he is talking was a big selling point. I worked closely with @stephen.oakley to design the big guy and did a lot of work on textures with @igorcatto and @glaucolonghi on the final asset. He turned out really special on the final game.
#godofwar #characterdesign #3dart

In progress shots swipe left -> Brok is one of my favorite characters on the new God of War game! Really fun to work on! I sculpted the high res and outsourcing house did the low poly and bakes before I textured him using photoshop. Face was hand sculpted as well, no scans. I’ll do a post about that separate.
Go watch a making of video about this character on my IGTV 💥
- 🇧🇷 Fotos do progresso deslize para a esquerda ->
Brok é um dos meus personagens favoritos no novo jogo God of War! Muito divertido de trabalhar! Eu esculpi o highpoly e parceiros de outsourcing fizeram o low poly e baked antes de eu finalizar as texturas no photoshop. O rosto também foi esculpido à mão, sem scans. Eu vou fazer um post sobre isso separado.
Assista um vídeo de making of desse personagem no meu IGTV 💥
#godofwar #sculpting #zbrush #characterdesign

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