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Rafaëlle Cohen  🌓 Actor • Singer • Writer • Composer • Healer • Light&Shadow Priestess • That being said, Magritte was right about the pipe. 🦋

A Queen knows the darkness within her. She fiercely invites everything in the shadow to come out into the light, to be seen and loved by her. She dances on the continuous thread connecting all the parts of herself, swirling in cycles.

She knows
that things
are constantly moving,
and that’s why
she keeps her balance.
This is Her Power. 💎
🌑🌘🌒🌖 Shot by crew member of the #soulmate music video shooting directed by @freeimari for @the.braxton and @jbrave_
Necklace by @michalnegrin #michalnegrin thank you goddess @_denisera_ for the dress!

Read that ancient book, read that new book, read those quotes, read this post!, listen to that podcast, watch that video...
And with each word, each sentence, tune in.

When your body relaxes and your heart says « yes! » it means it is YOUR truth, it brings you JOY (same thing), it is to be kept preciously for the time being. It may evolve but it is true for you now. And whether you believe it or not, it is your power to make the world heaven (again) for yourself AND all.

When your body contracts, pause. Put the book down. Become the witness of your body and mind, observe what sensations come up. Is it “I should do what’s written here and I’m never doing it” ?
Or is it “I don’t believe that’s true but if he/she says it it must be” ?
Or “this is bullshit I’m never reading a page of this book again?” Or is it anything else?
Listen to whatever your thoughts or sensations are telling you. You can’t change yourself, you can only discover who you are. (And that knowing has the indirect consequence of changing you). So realise what beliefs are showing up, coming from shadow into light, thank those thoughts because now you can see where your true truth really is. Love both beliefs and truths, nothing is to be changed, they’re just your map to this life.

In other words, whether your body relaxes or contracts, it leads you to Rome: KNOWING YOUR TRUTH BETTER.

Even the most renowned teaching, even the dalaï lama’s, Lao Tzu’s or Ghandi’s words, aren’t as wise as your own inner guru, your soul. Only your soul knows what is RIGHT FOR YOU, there’s no such thing as absolute “RIGHTEOUSNESS”.

But keep reading, listening, watching... for these words and teachings are the platforms to experience the resonance/contraction! They allow us to test our vibrations, our resonance with it, and thus learn OUR truth.

Go back home to YOU.
Photo by Vincent Mile. #right #wrong #true #joy #guru #innerguru #light #teaching #dalailama #ghandi #laotzu #tao #bible

To be or not to be.
That actually is the question.
The man was so right.
And you actually start being conscious of living - tasting the ultimate sweetness of it - when you stand in the space of the question.
We are merely memories. Re-experiencing ourselves. And being a platform, a tool, for Divine Love to experience itself through time and transformation.
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When the artist creates,
She knows,
That she’s only birthing
An opportunity
For the spectator, as he perceives the art, to co-create it in that very moment. .

The spectator has his own unique way of filling the gaps, the silences, the untold truths.
He enters
The space
Of the Question.
By interpreting those silences
In his unique way,
He makes the piece of art his own.
Just in that very moment when
He sees,
perceives the art. .

What if
It were
Also true

Maybe, just maybe,
Look out for the gaps, listen to the silences, and be in the space of the Question...what are you filling them with? .
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Uniqueness .
Clearly many of us feel so painfully different and compare ourselves so often that sometimes we wonder what the whole point is.

When I was a little girl I learned that everyone of us was unique. There isn’t one human being who is the same as me. Even an identical twin has different fingerprints from their twin. It resonated with me, a lot. But what confused me was that in spite of that, “society” (well...my inner voices really) was asking me and everyone else to be the same. We have these unique treasures in us and we’re implicitly asked to fit a mold and be amazing at the same time...it’s so rooted it appears even in the most casual conversations, for many of us.

But how could we differentiate who we even are as individuals, and be amazing, if we were all the same? 🧐
I have decided to embrace, and show my differences, my uniquenesses. It is difference that separates who I am from who YOU are. Difference is intricately entangled with FREEDOM. Unattached to any rules of appearance, able to live fully expressed.
Can you imagine living free of all the voices in your head saying you’re supposed to be this or that?! Your uniqueness defines the world. By being you, you allow others to be them. And life becomes this wonderful rainbow of unique colours, rather than just... one. Yaaaay let’s all be part of the one coloured rainbow!!! 😑

I mean, living fully expressed is so much more fun!
And the fear that comes up is actually a part of us so let’s express that too 😱🤪🙃 .
It takes all of (and no less than all of) our Uniquenesses to create the Universe. .
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God is
an Orgasm
who wanted to experience
Itself. ✨

You wouldn’t be called a Warrior of Light
If you were not given battles to fight.
When they come attack you, they come without warning
Those devious ennemies wake you like lightening
Or they also may be steadily creeping
Into your mind, when it is still sleeping.

But there is a secret, that you Warriors know.
It is yet the best kept of secrets, though.
They are here to help, to give you the key
To a future life where they leave you be.

You were called to hear, without buying in.
And that’s where the battle of light will begin.
You were called to listen, to witness, express
The pain, the attacks, and all the distress
While knowing that all night, all day every day
You are powerful in every way.
That confidence when it’s so easy to doubt
Is the most difficult thing to bring out. .

But KNOWING that all of that LIGHT is within you
Allows you to freely LET IT BE through you.

The pain is the message, the guide, the friend.
To whom only the Warrior of Light will tend.
. ✨
#warriorsoflight #poem #rafaellecohen #writersofinstagram photo by @sungheeseewald #light #thebeatles #andallthat

Channeling the badass goddess warrior in me, there’s a lot of energy required to shift paradigms. I am ready. Let’s do this.
@libfestival moments - modelling for @ritual_official

Suffering is the gift of humanity, the doorway to re-membering that we have a choice. 🌊
We are a species who has forgotten our oneness, our one consciousness, therefore we have the privilege of being conscious that we are conscious, and that all IS as it is, and that we can play the game of life freely and in unconditional love. 🦋
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Just infinite stream of consciousness
experiencing life,
I am,
choosing my very own unique set of frequencies
to be,
reflected in the world I see
so I can do alchemy,
with the fractal pieces of me,
and be,
in eternity. 🦋
Photo by Vincent Mille.
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Dreamer. This photo was taken in Italy while I was studying engineering and architecture. Me and a few photographers studying design at my university went out to do a shoot and try things out for fun. At that time I was wondering wtf I was going to do with my life that seemed like a tunnel with no light at the end of it. I kept having visions of movie scenes, of music, of rehearsals and backstage magic, but was nurturing the idea that I was not allowed to be a part of that world, at least professionally.

Well look at me now.

We create our life as we believe it is “supposed” to be.

But really, whatever takes you away from your joy, limits you from shining your light, you have the power to look it in the eye, see that it is only a belief that you have, that it’s not you, and take it by the hand...as you follow your joy like the badass Alchemist that you are.

It’s not easy. Sometimes it seems like it’s impossible, but the good news is anything that comes in the way of your joy is not really yours. Just a belief, like the one about Santa. You can let go of it once you see it’s not true. (Hint: if it doesn’t bring you true inner loving joy and peace, it’s a limiting belief)
And whether it’s the one about Santa, or the one that says you don’t deserve your dream, it’s not your fault. But it’s your responsibility to dis-identity from it and see it as just something you took on, something that is not you. You have actual superpowers, in case you didn’t know, you have the actual power to see (turn into light) the shadow that’s blocking you, the belief about yourself. That idea that you are less than a Loving God•dess.
Doing that is Mastering Alchemy. And we all have it in us. It’s built in. We just need to re-learn. And that process is what makes life beautiful. .
#politecnicodimilano #model #student #lecco #eda #dreamer #actor #alchemy photo by @fooeleen

Hey 🦋
Whatever your #mind says, and no matter how loud it says it, #truth is:
there is only #NOW,
and there is only #LOVE. So listen to what your mind has to say, for YOU are untouched, whole. All thoughts and feelings and sensations are to be observed and felt as the #beautiful #waves of the #life you’re living.
Sat nam.

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