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Rafaëlle Cohen  Producer and lead actress of the musical film of my life. ☾✡︎❁∞ My photographic world: @rafaelleseyes

If we don’t pay attention to the simple things, life will hit us in the face until paying attention to the simple things is all we’re left to do. ✡︎
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Dear 2018,
You were a year of Transformation. 🦋
The old crumbled and burnt giving space for the new to be born.

I thank you.
For feeling the excitement of rehearsals at the prestigious Opera de Toulon, singing the music of one of my absolute favourite composers Leonard Bernstein. For feeling the adrenaline rush and the heightened sense of togetherness and backstage fun that only a stage cast experiences.

For the support of my parents, always.

For coming back after 5 months of shooting and performing in Europe to a world known city I called home but barely knew and felt so lost in.

For the support of some lovely people that were with me from the start.

For feeling like a failure, oh so many mornings.

For deciding to take my future in my own hands and trusting in the power of visualisation and gratitude. (It works)

For finding a wonderful lover man for a little while, who took me on adventures into nature, next level festivals, and through shit.

For finding a tribe of paradigm shifters who truly see the depths of me and who are willing to follow the path with me.

For seeing one of my hugest teenage dreams crumble. And with that receiving the massive gift of change. Rebuilding my foundations from scratch.

For working with a divine being who introduced me to embodying the knowledge that was stuck in my mind.

For unfolding layers and layers day after day of what it means to be a human being and what we are here for.

For (re/)discovering Ojai, Encinitas, Big Sur, Yosemite, Chicago, Seattle, NY, Stockholm, London and Paris.

For having the pleasure to sing channeled harmonies into people’s ears.

For being one of Tony Kaye’s Muses on a beautiful project of his. Going wild at -18C. Write songs and invent melodies on the spot, accompanied by amazing musicians, wearing extravagant outfits, the whole thing captured on film by a cinematographic genius.

For meeting some of the most inspiring people of this world.

For being given the opportunity to create what I’ve always wanted.

For the fascination I felt while observing this chrysalis, trusting that being the butterfly will be amazing, while having no actual clue.

I lost myself in the perfume of a rose. ❁

I was walking in a street of Venice, wondering why I be, as I often do.
Then I saw a white rose..
She was so beautiful
I stopped and smelled her, as I usually do.
And right then, in the depth of breathing her in... Time stopped. .

Beauty filled my being. .

That’s when I remembered. ∞
Photo by @biancodamien
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The entire universe is Love in fractal disguise.
Waiting to be discovered, seen, put into light.
When you see it, that’s when you realise
that it is you. 💫
Does the universe exist if you’re not there to see it?
Currently in NYC dancing my way into Love. 🦋
Photo by @biancodamien taken in Venice, CA
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Sometimes I do long distance music with my big bro @nehoc_nad (who lives in Seattle). This time I was in LA.
. “Like a bridge over troubled water” by Simon & Garfunkel

Piano and video edit by Dan
Vocals and Mix by me
Full video on my FB profile
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If you weren’t there to perceive it, would the universe exist?

And if you weren’t separate from it, could love be experienced?

It is only in the
darkest darkness
that you can find the light and call it that. ∞ lean in. .
Photo by @biancodamien #everythingleans #light #novemberfirst

Committed to shifting fear-based reactions into love-based responses.
Layer after layer. 🦋

Blessed to be inspired by the beautiful lights in my life

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It’s written in the blood that binds us together
The ice will turn to fire as I remember
She’s calling everything
Out from the shadow deep within
Old skin will die without a fight
And burn to ashes in delight.
Breaking the ice
That got me paralysed
Fire, set me free
Only NOW I be 🌕
#fullmoonfeels #presentmoment #powerofnow #nakedwoman #paris #wolf #poem #writersofinstagram photo by Vincent Mile

Every time I can remember
I invite myself to this thought:
“OMG I’m alive!
Wow I get to see the world with my eyes?? MY appreciation of shapes and colours?
Wow I get to feel the world with my skin?? MY sense of touch?
Wow I get to hear the world in my delicious unique way???
Wow I get to smell and taste the world with my own senses??” I am amazed at the pleasure to be had. Right here right now.
When I come from a place of forgetting it seems awkward and weird at first.
But like an ember
that I invite
to be ignited again,
i feel the wonder
getting stronger,
I remember,
and now again.
And I fly into pleasure. 🌊
#beherenow #powerofnow #senses #pleasure #life #love #wow #awaken #whaaat
Photo by @biancodamien

We are Forgiveness experiencing guilt.
Just for us to put a name on it, and consciously know, feel, be aware of Who We Are. ❁

We are Light
experiencing darkness.
Just for us to put a name on it, and consciously know, feel, be aware of Who We Are. ❁

We are Oneness
experiencing separateness.
Just for us to put a name on it, and consciously know, feel, be aware of Who We Are. ❁

This human life game is a wild one, it’s so intense and well designed that one cannot not be in awe of it in every moment. .
#duality #eternity #consciousness #oneness #starseed #light #awakening #gameoflife
Photo by @biancodamien

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