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Łeah  ☆*:.。..。.:*☆*:.。..。.:*☆ Colgan HS ⚪️🔵 Too much stuff n not enough time :/ I am very much procrastination ☆*:.。..。.:*☆*:.。..。.:*☆

Man tho i’m so scared for school to start shdjdhjd I WANNA BE GOOD THIS YEAR!! I wanna get good grades n stuff and not stress as much and have fun- make rly good friends etc. Last year AP World literally took my soul out, stepped on it, pretended to be sorry, and then threw it in a blender and let it rot with the rest of the poor souls who were dying with me.

Joining the bandwagon! but will be late on the drawing part~ I can’t wait to start le sketching hh💕💕💕 the second girl is actually my idea for an oc but I used the app to visualize it so I don’t forget my ideas for her!

I think it hurts more because I know I can’t have you.

Definitely gonna attempt this!! I truly love what she did with this- choosing themes and one of them relates to what she draws regularly! Aa sososo excited #myrmidia40k

Duuude i remember you singing this randomly, miss having classes w/ you @erinnmyersss

Who else is ready for the school year to be over :// i’m so done

Love this stupid outfit

😩 Can’t wait to be less busy!! Just started up a new collab with my old friend, haven’t talked to him in foreverrr
I totally broke my once a month streak on yt OTL i was doing so well SCREW SCHOOL

Nashville was so funnnnnnnn!! I can’t wait to make more amazing memories like that💕💕

My struggle with the top note tho rip

Angelica.. ELIZA.

Mom’s Birthday today 💦💦 Glad she liked my random card ahdjsh💕💕💕

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