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Raechel Hawkinson  Photographer. Adventurer. "Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

Happy Birthday My Love.
You are simply the best.
I hope all the love and happiness you share comes back to you tenfold in your 29th year.
XO 📸: the amazing @nikstolin @ofthewolves.photo

136 days of motherhood☀️ 1 unfortunate 1st-time-car-wash-experience
1 smile dimple forming
1 anxiety attack for mama
2 rolls from tummy to back
2 feet 'found'
2 cases of mastitis for mama
2.5 weeks to decide on a name
3 outfits named unsalvageable post blowout
12 weeks co-sleeping
100s of hours of snuggles
650+ hours breastfeeding
1000+ diapers changed
Dozens of hours pacing & comforting
Endless Smiles. Laughs. Sweetness.
Daily waking up next to a baby who farts himself awake and smiles instantly upon opening his eyes.
3,200+hours, H has been a part of this world, my world.
My body is endlessly tired and my heart is incredibly full. 📸: @alyssakanenwisherphoto

Mis Amigos 💛

96 days old
100s of smiles
1000s of kisses
Infinite love.anxiety.worry.snuggles.sweetness

Photographic proof of the cutest outfit to date... which lasted about 2 hours and 45 min 🤓

Happy Happy Father's Day to easily one of my most favorite people on this planet. Henry may not know it yet but he is a lucky boy to have you as his Papa. We love you, Dad! 💙

5.5 weeks and each day the love grows. And each day I become increasingly more aware of the walls I had built up within. Against love. Against vulnerability. And the reason for which the walls were built reveal themselves and become less important. 💙 Also, the number of public restrooms without changing tables is continually brought to my attention and it's bullsh*t. Moms use * when writing out curse words, right?

40 weeks || 4 weeks

Henry Aaron, one month new.💙
I have been a MOM for 28 days and I still can not believe it.
It is the most unglamorous job yet most beautiful thing I've ever done.
I congratulate a tiny human for 'latching on' a dozen times a day and more people have seen my nipples than I care to think about.
I fantasize about taking a 45 minute shower, drinking 3 glasses of wine and sleeping for ten hours.
I cried the first time he smiled. You know, like for real smiled. Not one of those "I'm just passing gas" smiles.
Motherhood is nothing like what "they" said it would be. It's harder than they described yet even better than they raved.
Here's to you Baby Boy and all of the love that surrounds you 💙

Pushing through one more week of work, daydreaming about naps + snacks. 👊🏻 #38weekspregnant

37 down, 3 left.
Oooo Baby. 📸: The FABULOUS @paigemariephoto

There is one thing that I found to be more true than ever these past 9 months: Love is greater.
Love is greater than my worry.
My doubt.
My pain.
My stress.
When waves of uncertainty wash over me and I can not breath, I am learning to draw from the Love that surrounds me and that which is already within. In that Love, I find peace. I find my breath once again.
Love is greater than-
my fear.
I can not wait to meet you in 4 weeks or less, Baby Boy. Adventure awaits ❤️.

Whether or not it was returned, appreciated, or noticed--love given, is never wasted ❤️

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