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Rach  we've made it this far kid JY🔒

missing good times (( obliterated drunk times)) with you on this stressful snow day ❄️

Happy Sunday ☠️

There's no island left for islanders like me •
Thank you Billy for a great show, one i had dreamt about for years.

Sundays are for beer flights and grilled cheese 🍻

you’re just as sane as i am


this post is in memoriam of the sparkly puppy filter that they will soon take away from me.

One year ago today i was hospitalized for attempting to end my own life. While i assume that many of you do not know this about me, I have decided to share it publicly with you all today. I am doing this because I am not ashamed of the battle that i am fighting, of the lows that I have faced, of my mental health – and no one should be. I am so grateful for the people who have stuck by my side and have helped me through this year of my life more than i can express, but more so, I am finally feeling grateful to be alive. Depression, anxiety and other mental health issues are not something that should be joked about, they are serious issues that people struggle with every single day. If you are struggling with your mental health and are feeling helpless, alone, ashamed, or simply lost - whether we have ever spoken a single word to one another or not, i want you to know that I am here for you and i am always willing to listen and help to the best of my ability. At the end of this post i will have the number for the suicide prevention hotline, I urge you all to save this number in your phone, while i hope you never feel the need to call this number yourself, you never know who around you may need it.

lets rewind to halloween, i’m too broke for christmas

Happy 21st birthday to the my other half 🎈🎉🦎you’re more than just my best friend, you’re my family and i love you endlessly

my natural habitat

i'm sorry the lighting was just too good

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