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Rae Earl  'My Mad Fat Diary', '#help!', 'It's All In Your Head', 'OMG!' and 'Mustangs FC' writer presents random photos for your general enjoyment.

My new parka brings all the boys to the yard and they're like it looks super dry and comfy.

‪‪My friend just popped round as she was taking her cat to the vet. The pet carrier her dad made her may be the best thing ever.
#cat #catsofinstagram #catlove #catoftheday

Just want to share something beautiful with you. I think that's the right thing to do right now.
#tree #trees #nature

I write all the time. If I hear a good conversation on the bus I write it down.
If you want to be a writer start recording life. Wear headphones, pretend you're listening to music but actually listen to people. Other people are strange and amazing. I cannot get enough of their stories.
AND you can justify buying loads of #stationery as you eavesdrop.
Here are some of my notebooks. THEY LOOK RIGHT PWETTY.
#stationeryaddict #writing #amwriting #writersofinstagram #writerscommunity #writerslife

I think every book we read changes the way we see the world.
Today I bought these magnificent Tulips and all I can think of is Barry Kent's poem in 'Adrian Mole' - 'Nice, red, tall, stiff.
In a vase,
On a table,
In a room,
In our house.' Our favourite authors live on. Thank you Sue Townsend for making flowers funny.
#bookstagram #book #bookquotes #books #flowers #tulips

I needed a new bag. I have no care for trends. I opt for timeless style, pure magic and JOY. Hence I've gone for FREDDIE.
His Royal Highness shall bring me happiness every time I look upon him.
Made by @telahmarie

Since #MyMadFatDiary people have asked me many things. Was I really that ill? How did I get better? Do I still fantasize about centurions?
With YOUR questions in mind I've written about my entire mental health journey with tips on looking after your head & LIFE generally. I've also shared my knowledge of music, love, relationships and what to do in an aviation emergency.
NOT even joking.
At age 16 I was in a psychiatric ward.
Find out how I got better & how YOU can too in...
MY NEW BOOK. OUT 10/8/17
#mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthawarenessmonth #happiness #healthymind #advice

I can't paint but I love to paint so I paint.
That's the best bit of life philosophy you're going to get from me today!
#painting #philosophy #advice #art #happiness

7 year old chalks a #rainbow & then sits in it.
A good plan whatever your age.

I've been in #tasmania for a while now but every so often something so weird, beautiful and alien will stop me in my tracks.
This flower today. Just - WONDERFUL.
I'm on alert to the oddness around me. This planet is a glorious, perfect mess!
#nature #flowers #hobart #botanicalgardens #botanical

I stood under a fountain in the middle of #hobart today - the sun and the water gave me a magnificent show.
Always good to tune out of the hullabaloo with some magic.
#fountains #nature #sun #nofilter

New pen. Satisfying.
#stationery #pen #pens #glitter

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