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Are you include as people that I mention below?

A man, with faith, but he cant control his emotion, he always striking, hurt other people feeling, always think he is the most righteous man..
A man who could control his emotion, be good man that never hurt anybody feeling, but without a faith.. If you could judge it. Which one better for you?
Is it true. That between two of them, there is one who really deserve to pick and choose to becoming with?

#ask #letscomprehend

Yasseer my nephew. Play time.

#ride #nephew #play

My nephew Sameer. Sameer is Yaseer younger brother. This pudding more handsome from time to time
#baby #babyhedgehog #pudding #nephew #love #hamster

Sleepy yawn Baby Hippo (Sameer)
(see this pic with hear this song)

In the jungle, the mighty jungle
The lion sleep tonight
Hush my darling
Dont fear my darling
The lion sleep tonight

#sleepy #baby

My second nephew, meet sameer!
Happy little baby, who always smile. (top left he sleepy, or boring, dunno)
Have a beautifull, happy, smooth and lively the life!
Remind me of pudding, or durian. Sometimes like baby hippo (when he sleepy), after all you so hansome just like your big brother yasser.

Sadly your uncle havn't get chance to visit you.
Pray for me so my works here success and smooth! Cant wait to happily visit you! #nephew #baby #hippo #smile

Yasser ngeri mau digigit, haha.
#nephew #happiness #latepost

Kegembiraan yasser si hamster ponakanku. Dari gosokin mandiin bayi landak susu, diandukin. Mukanya bahagia banget, sampe naik kura2 besar sekali (foto pojok bawah kiri). Mengingatkanku dengan kamesennin karakter dragon ball. #abaikanlatargambarmonyetsedangdibully #abaikansaja #mungkindialelah <3
My sis send me this, yasser my nephew, and baby hedgehog + turtle, a big one.
He reminds me of kame sennin in dragon ball when he ride that huge turtle. What a ride.
Love to see happiness in yasser big smile and laugh.
#babyhedgehog #hedgehog #turtle #happy #nephew #imissmynephew #

Today ARK check, this man over here which i examined today sadly getting C-OUT..
#operation #eye #ARK #C-OUT #DontTryToGuess #ItsCalledVersatile

He's a comedian, he's activist.
And also He's a lecturer. He used to assist Mr.Selo Soemardjan as a co lecturer. What an person. ~ Mr.Wahyu Sardono ~
To approach and warn goverment with laugh.
A person worthed to remember.

Love this. The economist.

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