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fresh. ✂️

happy anniversary to my sister! ♥️ and I just LOVE this post she wrote earlier today. 🙌🏼 so special... #Repost @oneplumtree
This picture is worth a thousand words. My husband and I in the center are both 15. My mom took me to get that dress with the big teal bow at (the now closed) Yaring's in downtown Austin. It was on the sale rack. I loved it and still have it. My date (who later became my husband) got me a corsage to wear on my wrist but called it a "croissant."

My little sister is to the left of the picture-she is wearing one of my hand me down gymnastics leotards as a swimsuit and was baptized in a swimming pool that day. She also was feeling pretty amazing because she sang an Amy Grant song for the large church audience that was there, accompanied by a guy named Steve on the guitar. She probably can still sing every word of "The Lord Has a Will". I probably could too. Today is her birthday and to her I want to say..."rest in it, nest in it, fully be blessed in it"....courtesy of Amy Grant, her idol.

The guy to the right of us in the oversized muscle tank from the early 90's is who would be my future father in law/potential brother in law (long inside story). And the back of the guy's head you see is a best friend, Kevin, who grew up to be a doctor, and who showed up to my house at 5 in the morning to be with his patient, our mom, as she took her final breaths. He used his stethoscope to confirm her life here had moved on to eternity.

This little scene is just a snapshot of the people who stood by our side on our wedding day 18 years ago today. In fact...we stood almost exactly like this, as my sister was my maid of honor and Ben's dad was his best man .Yes-got married on my sister's birthday. She had her own separate cake and song---so it wasn't completely like "Sixteen Candles"....and she was surrounded by people she loved....including the man she would marry someday.
❤️🎈❤️Thankful for all the memories tied up in this one picture---Happy Annivirthday Ben and Amy....Love you both.❤️🎈❤️

husband gathered some of my girls and planned a pretty amazing bday wknd. feeling grateful for sure!! ✨ #37 #riser #momofuku

my daughter is a good dancer...and I thought I was...until this moment. 🤷🏼‍♀️ #imacoolmom video cred: @meri_

his hair wash game is strong. #hairwashday

if you’re a new follower + maybe don’t know the roots of #PIMPINJOY...this @theshopforward post {read the repost} explains it in a nutshell. 👊🏼♥️⭐️ #Repost @theshopforward
How cute is my mom in her #PIMPINJOY hoodie?!✨Love seeing my mom so proud to wear #PIMPINJOY for so many reasons...& have to admit she was hesitant when she saw first hat we were developing 3 yrs ago: “Meri, does it *have* to say ‘pimpin’??”...but as she’s learned the background, story, & meaning of #PIMPINJOY {see below} & has seen how much good it has brought to the world, she has fully embraced and supported, even has her Bible study group on board, and wants every new product we have!
• •
ABOUT #PIMPINJOY: In a nutshell… @radioamy + @oneplumtree’s amazing mom Judy had cancer…and from her own battle #PIMPINJOY was born because her motto: “CHOOSE JOY + her Twitter handle @JudyBePimpinJoy” = the hashtag…#PIMPINJOY. Amy’s mom was a rock star!!! Unfortunately...She lost her battle…but her legacy lives on via #PIMPINJOY…and every time JOY is SPREAD…her prayer is answered…as one of her most simple/self-less prayers in a chapel at MD Anderson Hospital was: “Lord, just use this cancer for good.” So, her cancer continues to be used for good because of you amazing listeners + family + friends that keep the #PIMPINJOY movement going!!!!

P.S. all #PIMPINJOY items go to spreading JOY...always! Together w/ @bobbybonesshow we’ve raised well over $1 million + to important causes and the impact continues to grow because of your purchases...so THANK YOU ❤️

whoa. @radiolunchbox is having a baby!! CONGRATS LB! 🙌🏼 our show is feeling very grown up lately w all these kids! 👦🏽👦🏽👦🏾👧🏾👶🏼🍼 #BobbysNext

sorting through pics from @heartlinehaiti and OK FINE if I were to get pregnant and have a baby that might be awesome...even though I haven’t been able to get pregnant for 8 years...and we’ve adopted a 10 year old and a 7 year old and our hands are full...and I would think God was playing a not so funny joke on me...I think I would get over it and be okay because HOW CUTE ARE BABIES??? 👶🏼

WHOOP!! ‘espwa.’ tees are restocked!! 🙌🏼 they’re also going towards medical care for new mom’s in Haiti at @heartlinehaiti Maternity Center...in honor of #MothersDay!! 💗 ShopEspwa.com #haiti #hope #espwa cc: @shopespwa @meri_ @theshopforward .
/'es-spwa/. noun. Haitian Creole, meaning hope. you can support spreading hope in Haiti with each purchase. 🇭🇹

basically Bobby. @mrbobbybones

as an adoptive mom I now know more than ever that ending the orphan cycle is very important!!! so I’m pumped @shopespwa is partnering w @heartlinehaiti Maternity Center in honor of Mother’s Day! ♥️💗♥️ each #4ThingsTote bag ordered will help expectant mothers in Haiti have safe pregnancies + deliveries + postpartum education + medical care. 🙌🏼 Make a fun personalized gift for your mom {or anyone else right now} that also pays it forward to new moms in Haiti!! SWIPE for IDEAS! 💗♥️💗 #espwa #hope #haiti #mothersday #giftsthatgiveback cc: @theshopforward @taralivesay @meri_ {and shout out @jamieivey for the boomerang!} ORDER VIA LINK IN @shopespwa PROFILE! 👊🏼 or just go to ShopEspwa.com ✨

this line up! 🙌🏼 who are you most excited to see?? Bobby’s hosting!! AUSTIN, TX!!! so many things to be pumped about! get tickets 👉🏼 texasboxoffice.com #iHeartCountry fest 2018 — whoop — see y’all there! ❤️ cc: @iheartcountry @mrbobbybones

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