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Radical Remission Project  Website & online community based on the NY Times Bestseller 'Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds' by Kelly Turner.


“For a course that is online, there was a lot of support for learning and integration.” -Ruth, Online Course Participant
Are you ready to start learning and integrating the 9 Radical Remission healing factors into your life? Sign up for our Online Course today! See the link in bio.

This month's Healing Story of the Month is Cathy - a metastatic melanoma survivor. Read Cathy's full inspiring story at the link in bio!

Here's a great #SaturdayShelfie from Heather, who says “A little inspiration while reviewing the editor’s notes on my book ‘Cancer Proof’.” Thanks @drheatherpaulson, and good luck on finishing your book!
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Hear from hundreds of cancer survivors, in their own words, about how they healed! At our online database, you can read healing stories or share your own, whether you’re just beginning or long past a health challenge.

#tbt to the inaugural #RadicalRemission Teacher Training! If you’re interested in leading your own Radical Remission workshops, sign up for our Teacher Training waitlist by going to the link in bio.

What healthy food item do you like to snack on?

“Dr. Turner’s intelligence, compassion, and organization were the best I have seen in any course I have ever taken – and I have taken a lot of courses!” -Karin, Course Participant

Take the next step on your healing journey. Learn about our Online Course at the link in bio!

#TBT to the inaugural Radical Remission Teacher Training!

We had a wonderful time building community, discussing, and learning last year at our Teacher Training.

Are you interested in becoming a #RadicalRemissionTeacher? Let us know by getting on the waitlist at the link in bio.
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Quick question: How do you stay active in the winter months?

Pay attention to your body’s needs- especially when the temperature has dropped. Perhaps you notice that you’re preferring yoga over cardio, or tea over cold drinks. The important thing is to listen to your body.

Have you made any diet changes since reading Radical Remission? Let us know in the comments!

“Thanks so much for the amazing course! I am a therapist working with families - with usually young children where someone has cancer. [This work] is giving help and hope to so many.” -Beth, Course Participant

Sign up for our online course today at the link in bio and begin implementing the 9 Radical Remission healing factors into your own routine.

“This course was invaluable in reinforcing the information I received in reading the book, Radical Remission. Dr. Kelly Turner is personable, attentive, informative, and compassionate.” -Judith, Online Course Participant

Incorporate the 9 Radical Remission Healing Factors into your life by signing up for our Online Course! See the link in bio.

DYK: Juju Supply was founded in a chemo unit. One of the co-founders is a two-time cancer survivor who began wearing meaningful jewelry during her cancer treatment and discovered that she felt empowered by the pieces. Each of the charms and crystals that she wore connected her to people and places that meant something to her. She felt protected and supported. Our Healing Collection is filled with charms to bring healing positive energy to the wearer. They are the ideal gift for anybody battling cancer.

Radical Remission readers will receive 15% off their Juju Supply Co. order by using the code RADICAL

Recent feedback from a Radical Remission Online Course participant:
“[The best thing about the course is] Dr. Turner’s manner - down to earth, easy going, not preachy or teachy - the breadth of the content, the emphasis on each individual doing what is best for them and trusting their intuition and judgments, easy/short modules, bonus materials- there were LOTS of things I liked best!” -Lindsay B.

Our popular e-course is based on our founder Kelly Turner’s NY Times Bestseller, “Radical Remission” (now in 20 languages), and more specifically on her popular, in-person “Radical Remission” workshop.

Learn more at the link in bio!

“Dr. Kelly Turner’s healing and empowering workshop, based on her original, rigorous research, is inspiring and life-changing!” -Wendy, Online Course Participant

Thanks to our online course, you can now experience the Radical Remission workshop from the comfort of your own home, at a pace that suits you! Learn more at the link in bio!

IMPORTANT: Polluted environment linked to higher cancer rates.

After looking at the environmental quality of varying counties, recent research suggests that environmental quality is associated with cancer incidence…

Read more about the study here at the link in Bio.

We often put ourselves on the “back burner” during busy holiday months… in reality, it’s when we need self-care the most!

Sit back and take some time this week to destress!

If you’re currently undergoing treatment, our database is for you! Using our search features, read the stories of hundreds of other individuals currently undergoing treatment. You can even search by the specific treatment technique or cancer type.

Find power and solidarity with this unique collection of stories from people just like you!

Share your story or simply read through the countless healing stories on our website today!

(UH-OH) IMPORTANT RESEARCH: "The greatly excessive use of antibiotics in food production in recent decades has made many bacteria more resistant to antibiotics.” Read the FULL ARTICLE at the link in bio!

TBT to the inaugural Radical Remission Teacher Training.

What an amazing week we had teaching people from all over the world how to lead their very own Radical Remission workshops.

If you are interested in becoming a Radical Remission Teacher, let us know by getting on the waitlist at the link in bio.
You’ll be the first to receive information about the next Teacher Training, coming up in Fall 2018 or 2019!

This month's healing story comes from Nancy, a Stage 3 Cervical Cancer and Hypothyroidism survivor, who took her healing into her own hands using nutrition and determination.

Read her story at the link in bio!

This interesting study showed that optimistic women live longer "Among a group of 70,000 female nurses, the 25% who were most optimistic had a 31% reduced risk of mortality." Read the full article at the link in bio.

“[Radical Remission] cases are plentiful,” says Kelly Turner, author of Radical Remission. “The real problem is that we’re not studying them, and we should study everyone who has healed from cancer.” Our founder Kelly was recently interviewed for an article on why lifestyle-based therapies are becoming essential components of traditional cancer treatment. Check it out at the link in bio!

GUT HACKING?! “Would it be possible, he wondered, to completely eradicate the ecosystem of bacteria living in and on his body and replace it with someone else’s?” Learn about Josiah Zayner’s fascinating health journey, and the importance of our microbiome for our health. Link in bio!

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