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Rad Politics  Fuckin' Politics, man. ✊ Currently seeking digital revolutionaries, social media agitators & online documentarians to join our network!


Republican Jesus 😏😏😏

Male, female, trans, intersex or 👽! Piss wherever the fuck you want! ✊️ #protecttranskids

Tag your #90skids friends who will remember Surge, Hey Arnold, bee populations and civil political discourse! #merica🇺🇸

"Christian conservatives" are the biggest fucking hypocrites 😂✌️

Watch some dude get Donald fucking Trump tattooed on his god damn hand for fucking life, man. 🙈 What the fuck. Imagine jerking off and seeing this fascist staring at you like... "Hey you're not Putin." So fucking weird, dude. So weird.

#Repost @gleberve
Носитель: @mr_kunitsa

That moment when you realize that you fucked up! Calling all ex #trumpsupporters , we will always welcome you to the #resistance ! ✊

Fucking white people, man. These thugs need to get a damn jerb! #freeloaders

Fucking fascist, man. #notmypresident Art by @karenfiorito 🔥

K cool bye 👋🏿

Nice oligarchy you got there, #merica🇺🇸 ! 👍

Happy #stpatricksday from the Irish dude who isn't mad you think everyone in Ireland is an alcoholic #leprechaun . I think #culturalappropriation is bullshit. All cultures are derivative and that's kind of important when it comes to that whole #meltingpot philosophy #merica🇺🇸 was founded on. But as a white guy, I'd like to be proven wrong! Tell me if you disagree and why in the comments! #sjw #imoffended #snowflake

The GOP REALLY shouldn't fuck over all of the olds...

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