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ASH SOTO  the girl with the world painted on her body ♡ woman empowerment 🕊


You are limitless. Someone's perception of you does not mean that you are that, it does not define you as a person what you perceive of yourself is what MATTERS. Self love is the most powerful weapon there is, you'll slowly start to build that weapon by empowering yourself and working at it everyday. Don't give up. Take "giving up" completely out of your mind and replace that with "I can and I will" because you are a warrior, believe in you always 🌼🖤

The world is mean but that doesn't mean you have to be. Keep your heart pure and be kind to others including yourself. When I see a beautiful girl wearing her confidence it's the most beautiful thing instead of instantly being envious applaud her because you don't know what she has gone through to get there. You don't have to be like her because you know what? No one has your personality, no one has that smile, you're YOU and I promise your existence matters to this world 🦋💐

I used to be that scared little girl who was afraid of the world. Afraid to live. Afraid to be looked at. I remember going in the shower full of tears and I would scrub my skin so hard to the point where I would leave scratch marks because I didn't want to live in the skin that I was in. Why me? I would ask myself that everyday. I understand why now. I look at my differences as a blessing and you should too because your differences are what sets you apart. Every experience you go through in life is VITAL for your growth 💭 top - @omweekend 🌈💛

Seeing girls wearing lingerie, shorts, whatever they want to because they feel confident makes me so happy because I can see how beautiful they feel. Instead of bringing them down or being negative we should uplift them and cheer them on for embracing their individuality. One bad comment can effect anyone, you have no idea what they are going through. Think before you speak always. NEVER feel bad for embracing your body my darlings ⚡️

It's that time of the year and I know it's a little early but holiday season is my favorite 🌲❤️ ALSO, a lot of people ask how do you find self love? By healing and accepting those things you consider your flaws. I want you to know they aren't - they are what makes you so damn special, unique, one of a kind. Look in the mirror and remind yourself how beautiful you are. Transform yourself as many times as you need to feel happy and free ❥ the only person who has to love & accept themselves is YOU. No one else. Just you.

This is just some of the art you angels have done for me, I save them all & I want you to know they do not go unnoticed - I just wish I could add them all in this but it wouldn't let me. I'm so appreciative. I create art and to see you do the same and use me as inspiration is mind blowing to me ALL of you are so talented, and I'll cherish these and the ones that weren't added forever. THANK YOU ! Also, don't forget to be kind to yourself today - you deserve happiness ✨Unfortunately I don't have all the exact artists usernames but please if you see your work don't be afraid to comment, credit is always due 💛

Fiercely love & be kind to your body just the way it is, teach your mind to respect it ♠️

Nothing can break you, unless you let it break you. You have a choice. You are so much more worthy than you believe. Don't you ever lose that spark that makes you who you are. You are a damn warrior goddess 🏹🕊 #meundies

There's really a wolf 🐺🎃 throw me to the the wolves and I'll return leading the pack, sometimes we go through certain obstacles we never think we can endure but never think how much stronger it will make you only continue to surround ourselves with negative thoughts and sadness. You'll pull through, ALWAYS. It will make you unstoppable, no one can take that away from you. Make the BEST of every situation. Don't tame the wolf inside you, let it out and don't let people's opinions make you question yourself. Be the alpha to your own thoughts☽

I had the honor of being featured in @glamourmag November issue who I can't thank enough - to finally see it is so surreal. An absolute dream come true. It may not seem like a big deal but never would I have imagined this would have happened to me. Grateful beyond words. This is something I will cherish forever. Thank you for letting me be that voice for you. I love you, this is all for YOU 💛remember that vitiligo or whatever your case is can be as beautiful as art. Humans are walking pieces of art, if we were all the same that would be boring 💪🏻💪🏽💪🏿

Butterfly love 🖤 I remember my mom always calling me her little caterpillar when I was younger and always told me I'd spread my wings soon enough and I did. My point is, butterflies are ALL different. Different colors and patterns that make each one special. They all start off as caterpillars but morph into the most beautiful thing. Be beautiful like YOU, you don't have to be beautiful like them. Just like a butterfly. Even if you aren't 100% there yet and are still fighting to learn how to love yourself, you're trying and that's something you should be proud of. Don't stop. You'll turn into a butterfly as long as you believe in yourself and don't give up. You got this 🖤 set from @werunapol0getic - use my code "radiantbambi" for $ off ✨

Just wanted to say that I love you angels so much, thank you for being you 👼🏻❤️

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