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Nothing is off limits. Remember this and know if you want it, it's meant for you. 💖

Mindset Monday|

If you woke up feeling anxious and bombarding with "to-do's" or with nasty negative self talk, do these 3 simple steps to bring you back to a calm, loving, centered and feel good space.

This will set you up for a kick-ass week! ❤️ #mindsetmonday #inspo #radiancemk


Weekends are the best time to check in on your level of commitment.

If you have a goal this is the time to stay committed and check in with my 4 C's-Commitment, Connection, Consistency and Compassion.
They are a great barometer to see where your gaps are, which, pls know, seeing gaps are a good thing, they are a clear map of what needs to be tended too. They are not meant to make you feel wrong or frustrated, instead see them as a clear lighted path, saying "fill me and you will be filled!" ❤️

Be In Partnership With Yourself First|

I practice what I preach and have put into action my own advice and added salsa dancing,burlesque hip hop, belly dancing and African back into my week and also was interviewed and accepted into acting school in San Diego. This was a passion of mine from years ago I've been wanting to get
back to.

Being in partnership with you is listening to what lights you up and letting that lead you. Saying "yes" to life and letting go of the "should". Pay attention to your resistance or any stories that come up such as..."I have no idea what to do...I have no time...I have no money...I'm not good at x..." These are all stories and ways to stay stuck. Adding play, pleasure and you into your life can be washing the dishes to music, dancing with your vacuum, incorporating your kids into your workouts,
date nights with your man, at home spa day... What have you been wanting to do but keep putting off?

Summer’s here, is your body where you want it to be?

If not, there’s no better time to start than now!

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Anything bright or green makes my body superbly happy! The point is to eat the colors of the🌈 The more you do that, the more your body will want to do this 💃🏻🏃‍♀️🤸🏻‍♂️#cleaneating #weightlossmadeeasy

Be Fearless, Be You. Keep It Simple|

This image might inspire you, if so, work it girl. I read it and was exhausted by the end. I like to keep my daily intentions simple by taking one of those statements with me for the day.

Today it's "Be Fearless, Be Me". Being fearless for me are taking actions toward my fears today , releasing self-judgments, standing in my power and speaking my truth unapologetically.

What does "Be Fearless, Be You" mean to you?

Together let's be fearless today in our daily lives and see the shifts that occur❤️ Post below and let me know!

There are times you just want some crystal healing 🙌🏻

Monday Motivation|

The hardest step to take is the one to get started but once you begin, the momentum grows as does your motivation to continue.
Strive to push through your resistance, to face your fears, self-doubts and that negative inner voice telling you why you can't or shouldn't. That's not your truth. That's not the real you and that voice will not lead you to reach your goals. It will lead to frustration, disappointment and regret.

#faceurfears #sayyestoyou #nodiet #moveurbody

What better way to start off your Saturday then with an awesome sweat session? 👊What did you do to sweat this morning? #sweatysaturday #radiancemk

Delicious Self-Love|

Exactly what I am doing all weekend💗I used to think self-love was working out and eating healthy. That by doing these things, I had a high level of self-love. This couldn't be further from the truth.

To truly love yourself, it's through your words as much as it is your daily actions. It's taking a timeout, breathing deeply, smiling, laughing, self-pampering, making time for you, for what lights you up, getting more sleep... Your level of Self-Care equals your level of Self-Love. This needs to go beyond just food and fitness. Take a full holistic approach and look at all areas of your life. While some may think eating healthy and working out is enough, look at your motives for doing so... is it mainly for weight loss and is working out more of a job and for calorie burning not for pleasure.

To create sustainable weight loss and a joyous life, being healthy and taking care of you need to be your choice and something you enjoy, not an added responsibility.

#friday #inspo #delicious #selflove

Believe you're fabulous, because it's true💗

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