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rader  dogs: sal the shound (walker hound/shep) adopted 12/30/15 & mike the shepadoodle adopted 10/29/16. i ran away from everywhere. i tweet a lot.


rainy saturday sleeping on my #hound. 📷: @monkmaster

birthday in the 'skills...


still not entirely sure mike is a #puppy & not an oddly adorable snugly monster from children's nightmares. #shepadoodle

because it's so heavy i forgot how curly this shit got after the chemo grow-back. it'll calm down in a few days. i do not hate what i did to it. it was dreading & knotting & the usual.

pulled it up, chopped it off, & threw it in the insanity yellow sink. i'm fine. how are you?

friday night fear. news & beer. also the force, which seems impossible from here.

sorry for the distance shot, i did NOT want to get close... thought it was a skunk, which is weird for mid-day in february. not a skunk. some weird #mustelidae. dog barked & it hustled away. i miss the city sometimes. this was one of those times.

for immediate release: i have returned to #knitting because i don't have any nazis to punch.