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Daniel Radcliffe  Daniel Radcliffe is my life,Idol and Hero🌸 Just posting pictures of my sunshine☀️ fanpage🌺 Thank you for following ✨ twitter: DailyDanPics

Have you guys seen Jungle yet? What did you think?
#danielradcliffe #myhero #myidol #amazing #cute #radcliffer #jungle

Hey guys head to @momentum_pics to enter for your chance to #WIN a signed poster and book by Daniel Radcliffe

He's so fluffy 😍 is anyone else really excited for Jungle
#danielradcliffe #myhero #myidol #amazing #cute #radcliffer #danradcliffe

I know iv asked what's your fave movie Dan has done...well know id love to know your top 3 movies Dan has done comment below :D
It's so hard to choose cos I love everything he has done, but mine would have to be What If, Kill Your Darlings and Swiss Army Man closely followed by Horns xD
#danielradcliffe #myidol #myhero #amazing #cute #radcliffer #danradcliffe

Dan in Horns ❤️ so I read an article today about Dan (cos Jungles out soon and ppl are writing reviews and stuff) and this guy was so rude about his movies it's annoyed me so much he basically said Dan hasn't made anything good since woman in black EXCUSE YOU have you actually seen like Swiss Army Man? KYD HORNS? And all his other movies their so under appreciated he works so hard and this guy just slated them and it's annoyed me sm. another thing tht annoys me is "Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe" why not just "actor Daniel Radcliffe" yes he played Harry Potter but he's doing new things now and working so hard yes it will follow him but he's an actor in his own right sorry rant over. what are your guys thoughts? Do you feel like he's under appreciated?
#danielradcliffe #myidol #myhero #amazing #cute #radcliffer #horns

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