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Candy Gibson  cats and dogs and motorcycles and math and punk rock. but mainly @stereo_thirteen 💍⚡️☠️⚡️

#mcm Courtney and his sheep bud. i think this guy had a crush on my man, too. 😊#animalwhisperer #cocobean❤⚡️ #cocobeanhusband

morning rescue from the jaws of #maxwellingtoncat ! he's such a good hunter which is a bummer out here being surrounded by tons of critters. at least he doesn't really hurt them and just brings them inside as presents for us! this was a cute one! he was super friendly and liked being held too. #tinyfriend #cocobeanhusband #cocobean❤⚡️

fran fran friday! Queen of the Pillows. #channelingcheshirecat #francismariapantalones

it's a good day when you get to hug tiny baby pigmy goats!! oh man, this makes my heart hurt. too much cute in one photo. #cocobean❤⚡️ #hotasshusband☠ #cocobeanhusband

#mcm my little snuggle bug honey baby. love this man so much, it's almost hard to believe. special appearance by #maxwellingtoncat #hotasshusband☠

finally kicked this beast over!! so proud of myself! can't wait to learn to ride her. #footclutchjockeyshift #patinaturnerthechopper #saturdaynightshenanigans #notaneasyfeat #motorcyclesinthekitchen

my two favorites! #mcm Coco gettin rowdy in the dirt with #patinaturnerthechopper when she had the knobby tires. i am perpetually impressed with his riding--so wild but so skilled. i like riding myself, but it's a whole other beast riding on the back with him. so fuckin fun. i love my wild ass baby. 😘 (ps cans we ride the chopper tomorrow?? 😬) #forevertwowheels #forevercourtneyandcandy #hotasshusband☠

it's officially been one year married to this beautiful baby! can't believe how much fun we've had and how much our lives have changed for the better. can't wait to see what this year will bring! i'm sure tons of love and awesome adventures! #courtneyandcandy #shenanigans 📸 @elisabethfried

how'd i miss #mcm?? maybe because we were busy moving into our rad new place in the middle of nowhere. no one else i could spend this much time with and still want more. my beautiful, sweet soulmate. so excited for the next part of our journey and our second year or marriage! 🙀(march 2nd will be a whole year!!) i love you @stereo_thirteen #istillwannahangoutwithyou #mct #hotasshusband☠ 📸 @milo.decruz 😘

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