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Candy Gibson  cats and dogs and motorcycles and math and punk rock. but mainly @stereo_thirteen 💍⚡️☠️⚡️

i love this man so much. #mcm so glad i get to spend the rest of my life with you. #courtneyandcandy #cocobean❤️⚡️

ham samwich. #tunafishcat🐟

Happy Caturday from our new family of fosters! These beautiful babies were living in a hutch not far from busy streets. One baby already went missing, so they definitely needed a safe place to grow and play. Thanks to @m.i.e.l for saving their tiny lives. Stoked to get to snuggle them for a while. Will be up for adoption in a month or so. #nomorefosterfails 🤞🏼 The two tortoise shells are females and the golden one is a boy. The girl in the last photo always looks pissed, little sour puss, but she's really so sweet and quiet. The girl with the black face has got quite a set of lungs on her so we've been calling her #KitneyHouston 😹 Then there's #mangopolo 's mini-me! Such a beautiful color. Mama is sweet and still a little scared, but she lets us pet her and we are slowly gaining her trust with each bowl of delicious wet food 🙏🏼 #adoptdontshop

just hangin with my #mcm on #sundayfunday little ride up the 2 had some pretty views 🌲#courtneyandcandy

this is the first photo i took of courtney when we got together. it all felt too good to be true, so i had to sneak a photo just to prove to myself that it happened... lucky me, i get to sneak photos of him forever. #mcm #imarriedtheshitouttahim #cocobean❤️⚡️

last week #wolfmanthecat went missing for two nights 😱. we let the cats run free all day then bring them in at night and no wolf! he's real skittish but this was very unlike him. i didn't know what to do so i just started walking the property calling for him. seemed like a shot in the dark, but after just a few minutes i heard his tiny meows and followed them all the way down the hill to the property line and found him stuck in a tree above the neighbors crazy barking dogs... back to the house to get the pickup, a ladder, and @stereo_thirteen! poor little wolf man!! this is #mangopolo's reaction when we finally got him home. they are littermates i rescued in 2014 along with @adrienneironside's little #chulamonster. #sweetbabyboys

just my #mcm doin his thing with a little helper. #kittensandgraff #cocobean❤️⚡️ #tunafishcat🐟

#mcm better late than never! i wouldn't mind the gnarly beard coming back some day. my baby looks sexy whatever he feels like doin. #butnotyet #cocobean❤️⚡️

TunaFish update: he's doing great and happy and healthy and terrorizing all of us! the first video is him spazzing out, biting everything. #tunatheterrorizor He's also made some friends, first being #mangopolo. he's such a good sport.

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