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OH MY GOD I'M PEAKING #glassin #seaglass @glassingmagazine

Mother's Day macramé. #downwarddog

Don't be fooled. This is a vicious, vicious beast. #whitefang #whenanimalsattack #viciousbeastoftheday #viciousbeastsofinstagram

a) Check out that goat in a tree. So sick. b) In April I set out to do at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. Turns out I mix it up more than I realized. Also, I'm starting to hate running less. c) I lost approximately zero pounds bc I work from home and snack for 10 hrs/day and haven't yet mastered, let alone even attempted, that whole mindful eating thing. Whatevs, exercising to offset the gluttony is great. It can be super annoying sometimes but once you get over that inertia hurdle it always feels awesome. #goatsintrees

Climate-marching, nut-munching, sand-napping, beard-bedazzling, topanga-scening weekend vibes #climatemarch #cleanenergy #climatechangeisreal #sayneightofossilfuels #sohip #maximumcool

I usually collect beautiful beach glass while on my runs. On average, it would take me an hour to get a handful. Meanwhile, a gigantic, overflowing handful of plastic and styrofoam trash takes me all of 10 minutes to collect. And that’s from one of the most pristine beaches in one of the most stupidly beautiful bubbles of the world here in Santa Barbara.

I’ve been participating in @changingtidesfoundation's Plastic Swear Jar challenge this week, and the hypocrisy is real. Here I am complaining about the use of plastics one minute and turning around the next to put a dollar in a jar for each plastic item I use. There’s something reassuring in offsetting my use of plastic by collecting trash from the beach, but I still feel like I’m not practicing what I preach.

But that’s the whole point of this challenge. Not to make you feel bad about imperfection, but to bring your awareness to how deeply plastic has embedded itself into our lives, so we can begin to make changes to minimize our use.

#plasticswearjar #changingtidesfoundation #plasticsucks #noexcuseforsingleuse #earthday #singleuseplastic #plasticwaste

Happy Earth Day! We are not above nature, we are a part of it. Everything we do, view, buy, consume and support matters. We need to get over ourselves and start giving a shit. #giveashitaboutnature #earthday #everydayisearthday


Join me in swearing off plastics for the week of Earth Day!
Removing plastic from your life is HARD. I sure am a hypocrite as I haven’t been able to do it, but let’s start bringing our awareness to how much plastic even us tree-hugging hippies use on a daily basis. Start forming new habits and avoid it wherever you can!

Every time you use or purchase a single-use plastic item, put a dollar in your Plastic Swear Jar. At the end of the week, you have the option to donate your “swear money” to benefit environmental initiatives. I know you have more questions, so see @changingtidesfoundation for more deets and where to donate!

Do it for these guys:🐳🐢🦐🐠🐡🐙🐬🦈🦑🐟 And also for dis bish: 🌎

#plasticsucks #swearoffplastic #noexcuseforsingleuse #plasticswearjar #plasticswearjarchallenge #earthday

Why couldn't the bicycle stand? Because it was two tired!! My new blue friend here moved all the way down from Tahoe to go splorin' 'round some mountains with me! 🐳 #hawaii #jkitsnothawaii #butitcouldbe #amirite

So juicy and lush! #getoutside

Battle of the Besties 2017 has officially kicked off! Winner takes Bree. #battleofthebesties #breemilie @urbanoutfitters

Some older lady came up to me on the beach one time and in a real loud, gruff, 30-years-worth-of-smoking voice asked me, “YOU GLASSIN TODAY?” And I looked down at my pouch of glass collected in my shirt and said, “Yeah. Yeah, I’m glassin’ today” #glassin #seaglass

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