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Cortnie Dyann Clarke  Founder + Top Banana @theRADlife.ca Teacher.Mentor.Speaker.Creator.πŸ¦„ Empowering humans to discover + embrace their magic.


RADbabes Soul Deep Yoga Retreat \\ July 17-20 \\
\\ WARNING will cause EPIC shifts in your life \\
N o u r i s h your mind, body + soul with SOUL DEEP connection, movement, yummy plant-based food + wine🍷. This retreat focuses on living intentionally while balancing r e a l + r a w with c o n n e c t i o n + c u r i o s i t y .
The stunning landscapes of Galiano Island set the backdrop to r e l a x + r e s t o r e . Awaken your s p i r i t with guided self-discovery, chakra diagnosis + healing, genuine conversation and a 90’s dance party [ or two πŸ˜‰ ]. I n v i g o r a t e your soul with two intentional yoga practices a day. The powerful practice of Buti yoga will tap into your p r i m a l + f e m i n i n e intuition and the purposeful alignment based vinyasa flow will leave you b a l a n c e d + i n s p i r e d .
By the end of the retreat… you’ll feel t r a n s f o r m e d from the inside - out, feel c o n f i d e n t + a t h o m e in your own body and e m p o w e r e d to make the changes you crave with the tools you need!
Join @rad.kirstie + ME July 17 - 20 at the breathtaking @bodegaridge Resort for our RADbabes Soul Deep Yoga Retreat. Visit www.theradlife.ca for more details and to save your spot TODAY. Book with a babe πŸ‘― and SAVE!
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Every Tuesday night I am reminded of WHY I am here. I have so many ideas, dreams, plans, passions. But these teen girls have and will ALWAYS be my WHY.
I became a yoga teacher for the main purpose of working with teen girls. I had a dream to create space and time for them to see how incredibly beautiful, strong, smart, unique, talented and powerful they are. From this dream everything else that is @theradlife.ca grew. Inspiring, mentoring and chilling with these RADleaders always brings more joy, love and graditude to my heart than it can hold. Tonight that joy, love and gRADitude was all taken over the top. I listen as @rad.annna had the most raw, real and inspiring conversation with the girls, all of them were in tears, including me. Women, girls, females - we need to STOP comparing and competing - we can RISE together. There is room for us to ALL sparkle.
Anna-Banana - I am beyond proud of you and could not be more grateful for you πŸ™πŸ» Girls -you inspire me and watching you evolve into authentic humans and leaders brings me more bliss than I can ever put into words. Keep being YOU and never let anyone tell you that you can't sparkle ✨ #babesempoweringbabes #radgirlsforlife #mygurus #annaisaunicorn #selflovewins #empoweredgirls #wecryhere #youareenough #bethechange #wecanallsparkle #beYOU

A tiny peek at what work looked like today. It was #messyandmagical #rawandreal and a whole lotta FUN. Thank you @rad.kirstie for excepting my 'proposal' and @liza.curtiss for making us look so damn graceful (not an easy task 😜). Collaboration is EVERYTHING. .
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GO TO KIKI'S CLASS....it will be EPIC!!
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#Repost @rad.kirstie
Tonight's the night! @rad.cortnie is in Edmonton for the day and I get to PLAY!! I'm taking over tonight's 5:30 Buti class with a HIP-HOP flow! Woohoo!!

'I'd rather wear flowers in my hair than diamonds around my neck.'
I'd also rather dream big, play big and BLOOM big.
Tonights vibe was high beyond words thanks to all of the wholehearted babes who showed up, opened up and got crafty. Plus the tribe of RADfacilitators who helped make tonight ( and every day/night ) magical. How I got so lucky to have the INCREDIBLE team of woman who support, empower and create with me, I'll never know, but I am FOREVER grateful. @rad.kirstie @rad.candace @rad.holla @rad.liza @rad.jennyfromtherock @rad.amanda_ @rad.britt @rad.candace_actually @rad.annna - THANK YOU tonight wouldn't have been the same without your sparkle and authentic magic. I LOVE YOU ✨#babesempoweringbabes #bloombig #magichappenshere #RADsoulsession #themoonmademedoit #theradlife

FOREVER grateful for this magic maker and Queen of all things beautiful πŸ‘‘#HOLLYMAKESMAGIC #theRADmagician #collaborationwins #babesempoweringbabes

The Full Flower Moon is the most powerful moon of the year for us to ignite and embrace our divine femininity. Tonight we'll tap into that power through intentional movement, sisterhood, ritual, creativity and flower crowns 🌺 Because we all deserve to feel as beautiful and empowered as Henry ;)
Visit our website to sign up now! There are only a few spots left!
Photo Credit ~ @liza.curtiss
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So much YES πŸ™ŒπŸ»
Today was hard. I got hit with a heavy dose of anxiety. I couldn't shake it. It's been a long time since I've felt like that. I got really in my head. And then I got on my mat and let go of all the sh!t my ego was telling me, I let my intuition and the music take over and Buti-ed and sweat that anxiety out with my #radbabetribe. I am so beyond grateful for this life, this practice and the incredible humans who choose everyday to share their practice with me. #ignitemagic #trusttheprocess #butiismagic #nothingtoproveeverythingtoshare #justbreatheandbuti #movementmedicine

So technically we call this 'work'...wine and ordering clothes is always a good idea 😜 #itsokayshesgreenimblue #intuitivelogic #radstuff #comingsoon #rubytho

When you realize you and your new pet are #twinning πŸ‘― #meetsullivan #RADsully #gecko #theradzooisgrowing

The hardest step she ever took was to blindly trust in who she was. @atticuspoetry
Trust. Breathe. Expand.
You have everything you need within you. Let go and courageously trust in your higher self. No expectations - just trust - your soul knows the way. Living in your truth is how you change the world.
#embraceyourgrace #trust #bethechange
photo :: @desilesphotography

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