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My 1st studio recording album is out! It's been a learning journey with the #vocosingaporeladieschoir #vocosingapore and a milestone for us in releasing our 1st album! All the songs in there are written by our choral director, @dariuslim_official and it's our honour to have been able to vocalize and record his songs.
P.S. CDs are going at $15 officially, but for friends of me, it's going at $10! 😊

#choir #sing #singapore #artiste #earworm

#postconcertblues are still hitting me hard! This year's official photography is amazing! Loving every single detail of the photos they captured. I never really know how we look like on stage, and how our staging looks like. I'm missing every single one on stage and I'm glad I got this chance to work with the VOCE guys on this mini musical, that turned out to be a major work for this concert. Listen to your heart ❤️ #vocosingapore #choir #singapore

Finally utilizing the reward from #BNIAffinity for our challenge some time back! It's more than a gift card, it's helping me to create an opportunity to get to know more people ☺️

One of my favourite pictures of the night with the #singingbestie! It's our 3rd year performing and the pose background and our hairdo gets more elaborate! It's been a year of fun exercises together, supporting each other and more singing! Thank you @joannieeee for the ❤️❤️❤️ and care! 😘😘😘 You have been such a big part of my life this year and still continue to be henceforth please!

#sota #sing #choir #vocosingapore #singapore

Here's the youngest singer in #vocosingapore now! Nic has an amazing voice and a heart so full of fun and ❤️! Happy to celebrate 3 years of singing with you, babe 😘

Thank you Joyce for all the ❤️ and guidance! This year has been really tough for us all to really bond coz the practices and things in life were going too fast. But I really love the team work that goes between us and Sheila in our mini 3 person section, knowing where to breathe, hearing out for each other and holding on for each other! We made it through Night In The Woods together, just the 2 of us! ✌🏻✌🏻 Here's to many more concerts!! ❤️❤️❤️

This little sweetie pie and her brother have both grown up! Didn't get a pic with Aden but Emma is so tall now! The picture on the left was taken on our UK trip in June 2016, and the right was at Sun's concert. Emma is a sweet and adorable girl, just like her mummy, always caring for me ❤️❤️❤️ Another 10 years, I hope she joins VOCO 😊

This is a new group of fans who only know me personally for 4.5 months but yet are so supportive and also probably gave their first time to watching a choir performance to me! Thank you for coming to support me and local talents. Your presence meant a lot to me! ☺️ #vocosingapore #vocosingaporeladieschoir #sota #singapore #choirconcert

One thing that I really dislike is having to go through #postconcertblues ... after spending 1 year learning and putting together the concert and suddenly it's over! During the intermission, I was stunned at how fast everything was moving and I didn't want the concert to end!
Now, I miss every moment on stage, the fun times rehearsing, the ladies and guys that made rehearsals so worth it! The good times will always be a memory etched in my heart ❤️ #emonemo #vocosingapore #whyendsofast #singapore

Featuring my professionally done up hair and one of the assistants from One Academy! 😊 I'm really pleased with this hairdo and it was so stable till at night, that I needed to wash my hair 2 times. Guess the number of bobby pins. 😅 don't need to go buy more!

If you notice the colour wave, it's coz my highlights have grown out and only the tail end of it has the brown highlights. Super love it 😍

Thank you again to the concert committee for securing the sponsorship once again and making us look and feel so confident! ☺️ #hairstyles #concert #performer #vocosingaporeladieschoir #vocosingapore #singapore #sota

Thank you @zw.chen_art for your unwavering support and being part of my music making journey ❤️ I'll always remember the earlier years where we performed and being choir buddies ⭐️ Your presence last night is very encouraging!

Presenting my fan club from church (missing a few more. There were at least 20 of them! 😍) Some have been attending since the first year we were formed and presented. Some are new friends to me who have came to hear of what I do and so readily agreed to come! Some are friends of friends! Thank you for coming to support me and our local talents. Your unwavering support and encouragement has really helped me to do what I like better. I've been touched by the friendship!

Thank you Eunice for organizing dinner and gathering everyone to meet and head down to the place! ❤️

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