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Austin Riley  Just because you have autism, doesn't mean you can't do great things. Raising awareness one lap at a time 🏎🏁

Yesterday we made the very long trek from Thunder Bay to Timmins to present at Roland Michener High School. This was on of my favourite presentations of the tour so far. The school had a great atmosphere and Austin’s story made a definite impression on a lot of the students here. Earlier today we ended up in Sudbury presenting at Lockerby Composite High school. We had a great time here also. We are now rolling home before the Autism Ontario fundraiser by Preschool Canada that we will be speaking at on Friday. Please come out and join us. Austin’s Nissan Micra Cup race car will be on display as well as the Autism Reality Experience. #rwacanadiantour2018 #autismawareness #onelapatatime #oneschoolatatime

Yesterday was pretty hectic for us. We drove from Dryden to Thunder Bay to present at Westmount School. We had a great time there and the students were awesome. Afterwards we did a demo of the Autism Reality Experience for Autism Ontario’s northern branch. The demonstration was completely booked in 45 mins once the notice was posted online. The demonstration went incredibly well and I am pretty sure we changed more than a few lives yesterday. #rwacanadiantour2018 #autismawareness #onelapatatime #oneschoolatatime

A big thank you to Global Winnipeg’s morning news show for having us in studio to talk about our Canadian tour. #autismawareness #rwacanadiantour2018 #onelapatatime #oneschoolatatime

This past Friday we had the pleasure of presenting at two schools in Yorkton Saskatchewan, Columbia and Yorkdale. We had such an amazing time at both of them and met some incredible people. We have spent Saturday and Sunday in Winnipeg catching up with friends from our first tour in 2015 which has been amazing. The Racing with Autism team will be live on Global News Morning in Winnipeg at 7:30am before heading to a presentation in Carberry Manitoba later in the day then onto Thunder Bay. #rwacanadiantour2018 #nissanmicracup #nissancanada #lincolnelectric #autismawareness #onelapatatime #oneschoolatatime #autismrealityexperience

Yesterday after our emotional visit to Humboldt we hurried our way to a small school called Saltcoats in Saskatchewan. It may have been a small school in a small town but they certainly have big hearts. They made us feel comfortable as soon as we arrived and the presentation I am sure will go down as one of our favourites after the tour concludes in a few weeks. Thank you Saltcoats!!! #rwacanadiantour2018 #raisingawareness #autismawareness #onelapatatime #oneschoolatatime

Last week when the news broke about the terrible crash involving the Humboldt Bronco's team bus, it hit us all very hard. Especially Austin for some reason. When I asked him why this bothered him so much he said "it could of easily been us. We spend so much time on the road travelling from place to place we are much like a hockey team" On this tour especially, we have a few very close calls ourselves with the latest being late last night. Austin was quite adamant that we should go to Humboldt if we could find the time in our schedule. This morning we got up at 5:30 am and drove to Humboldt before travelling to our scheduled presentation in Saltcoats SK. We arrived at the arena to pay our respects only to learn they are preparing the funeral of Tyler Bieber who was the Bronco's radio play by play guy. It was quite surreal walking into the arena and seeing Tyler's coffin sitting there. It was a hard thing for all of us to see and it's something we will not long forget. RIP Tyler Bless you #humboldtstrong

We have just finished up at Belmont Elementary School in Edmonton and will we be hitting the road to Fort McMurray shortly. Great presentation today, the school has a lot spirit and we could feel that during the presentation. We also had some of the best questions we have had so far. Fort McMurray here we come!!! #rwacanadiantour2018 #autismawareness #oneschoolatatime #onelapatatime #nissantitan #nissancanada #lincolnelectric

It’s been a crazy few days since our last post. On Saturday we spent the day at Sunridge Nissan with Austin’s car on display while we demonstrated the Autism Reality Experience for staff and customers. Thank you to Sunridge Nissan for their hospitality. On Sunday we traveled out of Calgary for a bit of outdoor fun in the mountains with the friends we were staying at. This turned out to a pretty awesome experience. After that we packed up and headed to Edmonton for our 1st presentation which was early this morning at Meeyahnoh Elementary School. The presentation went very well. Meeyahnoh has a large number of special needs students which made the day very rewarding for us. Especially running most of the schools staff through the experience. Some were very emotional afterwards but all were grateful to have the opportunity. We have one more presentation in Edmonton tomorrow morning before we head further north to Fort McMurray. #rwacanadiantour2018 #autismawareness #oneschoolatatime #onelapatatime

Hey Parker, where are you at? Stopped in the hometown of Parker Thompson to grab something to eat on our way to Edmonton. #rwacanadiantour2018

Having a great time here at Sunridge Nissan. Come out and try the @autismrealityexperience for yourself and check out Austin’s @nissanmicracup race car. #rwacanadiantour2018 #autismawareness #onelapatatime #oneschoolatatime

A little Friday evening go kart action for the RWA team @speederscalgary And we were killing it! #stillgotit #rwacanadiantour2018 #autismawareness #onelapatatime #oneschoolatatime

We had a great day today visiting Woodman Junior High school here in Calgary. Even before the presentation started I could feel this was going be a good one. Lots of singing and dancing to the warm up music we were playing. The presentation went incredibly well followed by some great questions. After Austin signed autographs we even got to take part in the gym classes game of dodge ball. All in all a great visit for sure!!!! #rwacanadiantour2018 #autismawareness #onelapatatime #oneschoolatatime

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