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Rachael Fisher Sundberg 

My baby chicks 🐣 Happy Easter! 💐 #hoteleaster

Happy birthday to my first born! Can’t believe he is 10!!! 😱 He’s grown up so much the last year. We sure love him and all that he brings to our family ❤️

She so prefers him ❤️💙❤️

I sincerely love each of these kids as if they were my own ❤️⚾️❤️#baseballfamily

Getting big too fast! She’s a busy one! Walking all over the place, getting into everything, has to always have something in each hand, loves to unfold the laundry or empty out a drawer, cupboard, purse, etc., calls Peyt and I both Mama, is always so excited to see Dada, gives kisses with a “mmmmuah!” and says “hello, mama, dada, Koda, uh-oh, diaper, baba, baby, shoes, cheese, bye, and says anything else in a high pitched squeal 🤪

She has my ❤️ even though after this picture she spilled her drink and threw food everywhere! 😂 She is in that crazy crazy but fun stage! I hope I can find the energy I need to keep up with her!

Always the best quality selfies from us! Happy Valentines Day! He is my person and they are my world ❤️ Also, the lady behind us looks about as happy to be at Disneyland as Brett was 😂 but he goes because he loves me, and them. So I’ll probably be making him go again sometime soon. 😉

Daddy Daughter Dance 💗🌴🍍

And we have a walker! On her own time of course. We have been trying for weeks and she is stubborn and just sits down. Tonight she decided to go for it all on her own! Wouldn’t be my kid if she didn’t beat to her own drum! 😜💗 Love her! #londylou

It’s been a month, that’s long enough right?! I’m ready to go back @rbp19 🙏😍

Daddy’s girl 💙

You better believe I bought her that overpriced pink puppy from the grocery store ☺️ I even got a couple kisses out of it. She is my fav 💕 #londylou

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