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rachel  recipe developer • health enthusiast • mama to be🤰🏻• infertility warrior • cookbook spring 2020🍪💃🏻🥑🍌 💌: contact via blog #rachleats

uummm this CHOCOLATE CHIP BANANA APPLE BREAD🙌🏻😍🍎🍌🍞sharing the recipe for this gluten-free and plant-based loaf on the blog👌🏻it combines chocolate chip banana bread with a little apple flare for allllll the fall vibes👌🏻i use my go-to @rebbl flavor - banana nut protein and it adds the perfect flavor and creaminess to the bread👅full recipe is on the blog, i cannot wait to hear what you guys think! HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYBODY💛💛💛#rachleats #plantbased #glutenfree

turned around for two seconds and my CRISPY DARK CHOCOLATE PB CUPS went crazay🙌🏻🤦🏻‍♀️🍫🥜made with only 6 ingredients, these are my go-to when i want something peanut butter cup ish with a little extra crunchy somethin’! they’re gluten, dairy + refined sugar-free annnnd i definitely recommend keeping them in the freezer until devouring👅search “crispy cups” on the blog for full recipe👌🏻 — enjoy the rest of your evening everybody💛👏🏻😘#rachleats #glutenfree #plantbased

had a few extra ripe bananas (aka the best thing to happen) and baked my PALEO BLUEBERRY BANANA BREAD for the first time in forever🙌🏻😍🍌🍞this recipe is almost 3 years old which is crazaaayy🙊i baked it in a skillet instead to switch things up but still was same bake time for me (eye ball it if you try too) paired with the usual suspects - coconut yogurt, granola sprinkle, creamy peanut butter, sprinkle of granola + leftover banana💯👌🏻 (ya we have a ton🤦🏻‍♀️) recipe is on the blog + linked on my stories for ya! HAPPY THURSDAY FRIENDS💛👏🏻😘#rachleats #glutenfree #wholefoods

breakfast-ing on COFFEE CAKE MUFFINS drizzled with a little melted dark chocolate sauce, bee pollen + unsweetened coconut flakes🙌🏻😍🍫these muffins are from @soozysmuffins and they’re seriously UNREAL! they’re made with almond flour and pretty much all ingredients i’d use in my own kitchen💯i stock my freezer up with all the flavors (double chocolate, blueberry + sweet potato are all👌🏻too) and defrost before i eat (i usually use microwave!) saves me some baking time in the kitchen whenever i want a muffin now😆HAPPY WEDNESDAY EVERYBODY💛👏🏻😘#rachleats #glutenfree #wholefoods

these CHICKPEA-LESS SWEET POTATO FALAFELS are up on the blog🙌🏻😎🥙made with just 5 easy ingredients, these sweet potato falafels are extra crispy on the outside and the flavor is TOO GOOD! they’re plant-based, grain-free and have no chickpeas in them👌🏻i make them with @sirkensingtons dijon mustard and paired my dinner bowl with the special sauce + avocado ranch (aka indecisive🙄) planning to add the leftovers to some tacooosss ASAP! full recipe is on the blog, ENJOY FRIENDS💛💛💛#rachleats #plantbased #glutenfree

been snackin’ on these PEANUT BUTTER CACAO BALLS and they’re pretty much all i want in a snack🙌🏻😍🍫🥜a little bit of a sweet and a little salty and a whole lotta chocolate and peanut buttah flavor👅i used @foodcreationnation vegan protein bar mix (think baking mixes for balls and bites) as the base and added some creamy nut milk, chocolate peanut butter + coconut oil💯topped with an extra PB swirl on top👌🏻been carrying these with me in backpack for whenever. jord loves them for pre-workout eats too (since he gets up at so early😆) HAPPY TUESDAY FRIENDS💛👏🏻😘#rachleats #plantbased #glutenfree

uhh huh honey🙌🏻😍🍳🥑open-faced breakast sandwich is my go to any time of the day💯takes less than 10 minutes to make and ALWAYS hits the spot. toasted a paleo biscuit, topped with almond milk cream cheese, a grilled @drpraegers california veggie burger (obsessed with these - so convenient👌🏻), avocado, two scrambled eggs + baby arugula on top👅real food doesn’t need to be fancy, just TASTY! enjoy the rest of your monday friends💛💛💛#rachleats #glutenfree #wholefoods

a little bit of chocolate, a little bit of banana and i’m a happy camper in the morning🙌🏻😍leftover slices of my PALEO CHOCOLATE CHUNK TAHINI BANANA BREAD (it’s vegan + gf) topped with a mix of coconut yogurt, almond butter, banana, manuka honey + a sprinkle of granola on top🍌🍞🍫was a little ambitious thinking i’d eat all 3 of these🤦🏻‍♀️2 was perfect and now i have a snack for later💯full recipe is on the blog, search “paleo tahini banana bread” — HAPPY MONDAY FRIENDS💛👏🏻😘#rachleats #plantbased #glutenfree

my happy place on any day - THE GROCERY STORE🙌🏻😎🥑🍎🍌stocked up on a few of our faves for the week annnd a couple extras because there’s always something new we want to try🙃i am by no means perfect when it comes to grocery shopping (nobody is!) some days i am better about buying less products plastic than others. there are (many) times i forget my tote bags to carry the food home in and i definitely spend more money on organic honey crisp apples and really most food than i care to share🤷🏻‍♀️but when it comes to our fueling our bodies and what makes us happy, this is what we prioritize over other things. we buy on sale when we can (like the $2.99 for a 4-pack of @spindriftfresh right now - heyyyo) and we always try to use coupons to save $! do what works for YOU. for us it’s buying products made with real ingredients that taste💯i’d rather spend more money on something i feel good about having like spindrift with no natural flavors, just sparkling water + real fruit and dats IT! now to more cookbook shooting and eating for the day👅enjoy the rest of your sunday friends💛💛💛#rachleats #realfruittastesbetter #plantbased #ad

made a loaf of my PALEO BLUEBERRY LEMON POUNDCAKE this morning🙌🏻😎💯after seeing you guys baking this over the last few weeks, i was craving it like crazay👅this recipe is grain, dairy + nut-free and i use @rebbl lemon turmeric creme in it for extra flavor and creaminess👌🏻@rebbl is a kitchen STAPLE for me. i use it for baking, snacking, chia puddings, everythingggg and all the different flavors bring a little something extra to the eats🙃full recipe is on the blog, search “lemon berry poundcake” or it’s linked on stories! HAPPY SUNDAY💛👏🏻😘#rachleats #WhatsYourElixir #glutenfree #wholefoods

bowls + donuts + alllll the things🙌🏻😍one of my baked PALEO APPLE CIDER DONUTS with creamy coconut yogurt, sliced apple, granola, peanut butter + @wedderspoonofficial manuka honey drizzle righhhhtt on top👌🏻🍯🍩🍎these plant-based, paleo donuts are up on the blog with a crumb topping that is unreal💯going to make more ASAP with the juicy organic honey crisps that are coming out🙃HAPPY FRIDAY FRIENDS💛💛💛#rachleats #plantbased #glutenfree

fat stack of CINNAMON CHALLAH FRENCH TOAST🙌🏻😍🍞before headed down fo expo east, wanted to use up the last of the challah from holiday dinner💯i never really measure my french toast ingredients but i whisked together one pasture-raised egg, 1 cup unsweetened nut milk and LOTS of cinnamon👌🏻dip the slices into the mixture and let them soak a bit as the grass-des butter greases the skillet👅cook until crispy and BOOM BABY! happy thursday everybody!💛💛💛#rachleats #wholefoods #feedfeed

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