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Rachel Vala  Costume/dancewear designer, unusual LP collector, kitsch & vintage admirer, pug & glamour lover. @classacttutu www.ValaDancewear.com


So then I told Gort "that's not my recharge socket". #gort #thedaytheearthstoodstill

3 years ago for my birthday @promqueenmusic sent me this greeting (at 2:08 am). This video is too cute to continue keeping to myself. Also, I believe that is @natashaladykrishna winding up her set in the background! Don't you love these ladies?

I'm excited to see 2 of the most brilliant front women ever: Debbie Harry and Shirley Manson. I hope to see a lot of people I know at the concert!
#garbage #shirleymanson

MICK ROCK! MICK ROCK! Iconic rock photographer, MICK ROCK! @therealmickrock
This was a fantastic and fascinating evening. Some takeaways: just put the light where it looks good, stop making photography so complicated. Mick likes digital photography (even my Sony camera!). Debbie Harry is/was his favorite to shoot, followed by David Bowie. "The Ramones - for the time - were the ugliest band around." I thought it might be impolite to inquire who the current ugliest band is.
Mick Rock on the drag name Debbie Harry gave him and on boys kissing boys in the 70s...
Clips from his "SHOT! The Psycho-Spiritual Mantra of Rock"
#mickrockbowie #mickrock #debbieharry #davidbowie

For a well-rounded first aid kit.

Al Capone always wanted a pink bedazzled tommy gun, but could never find one. Now you know where to find one... (Al also worried that the pink would clash with his nail polish.)

Speak now or forever hold your codpiece.
This is a vintage women's leather suit by Thierry Mugler. Coincidentally, Thierry Mugler created the suit that David Bowie wore when he wed Iman.
The leotard and embroidered glitter bolts are mine.
Undergarments are by Daniel Hellman @sewmonkey13
The suit has a Thierry Mugler Paris Couture label and is probably from the late 70s or early 80s. I found it at a Midwestern estate sale last year. A previous owner of the suit decided to repurpose the slacks by taking sections from the pant hem. They used these pieces of leather to add a pouch for a penis. This was not the look I was going for, so I removed the pouch and restored the pants back to the original Mugler design. I would love to hear the story behind these pants and know how they landed in a Midwestern estate sale. Just like the saying goes, you can't judge a book by its penis shaped pouch on the cover.

#thierrymugler #davidbowie #mickrockbowie #glitter

✨💫⚡️✨ Magic happens when you meet a David Bowie late at night on the street and a Freddie Mercury takes your photo. ✨💫⚡️✨ #mickrockbowie #davidbowie

I regret to inform you that I am a Hulkamaniac. Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated at this time. #hulkamaniac

The fire alarm went off in my apartment building and we had to evacuate. Iggy Pup is VERY unhappy to be outside. He was given a toy fire truck as a consolation prize. Iggy is still unhappy.

No one ever said "Paste is a girl's best friend!"... except me.
In 1724, French jewel designer Georges Frédéric Strass came up with “paste,” a kind of leaded glass that he cut and polished with metal powder until it appeared to shimmer like a diamond. Nowadays, "paste" or "rhinestone" jewelry is most often crystal, glass, or acrylic. Paste cannot merely be regarded as a cheap alternative to gemstones. King George III and IV, along with other royals and high-ranking members of society, wore paste jewelry. They certainly could have afforded whatever they wanted. However, glass has a more pliable consistency and is capable of creating elaborate pieces that could never be obtained with real diamonds.
Besides, if it's good enough for Marilyn Monroe, Marie Antoinette, Queen Elizabeth I, two King Charleses and Madame du Barry, it's good enough for me.
You see? Paste is a girl's best friend! Or, at least, a better friend than diamonds. It's sad if paste really is your best friend. But I won't judge.

#marilynmonroe #costumejewelry #rhinestones #diamondsareagirlsbestfriend #gentlemenpreferblondes

Even though I look murderous, I have never felt more fabulous. Thank you, @jvonstratton
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