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Rachel O'Brien (Stanley) 

Guess I gotta have a selfie for Vday. Love this one. 😘

Sunbeam babies

My husband is incredible. He worked so hard all day on my car. We're talking like 10 hours. My car is old and crappy and he hit all kinds of obstacles but overcame them all without getting angry or giving up. Love him.

I don't have a caption or anything. Just wanted to show off my pretty new afghan.

The best spot in town with the best date in town. #dentontx #dentoning

There was a small fireball situation at the fireplace tonight and little guy lost most of his whiskers. Please grow back. :(

Sure is cold out.

Spending the afternoon with Andrew's grandmother in New Mexico. ☺️

Playing catch-up on his Grandmom's beautiful handmade #adventcalendar

Been chasing the sun all day. 12 hours later we nearly caught it.

What a good day today was.

The previous owners made some bad decisions when they made this fire pit. Hopefully we made some better ones. It looks so simple when you condense 5 hours of hard labor into 4 photos. 😞

Bays, boats, battlestar gal-- errr kitty friends.

Letting the kittehs adventure this morning. Look at Greg's face lol. #lincolnthecat #gregthecat

Last night was a good time. I've been wanting to see a Shins show for a long time. 🤘🏻

This dude is the best pillow. #gregthecat

If you know me at all then you know how excited I am that this couch has come into my life. And if we've spent any time together in the last week then you probably had to sit through me showing you pictures like a proud parent before it even came to live with us. #pheasantcouch #lincolnthecat

Please go check out @theeclecticdendallas. They have incredible taste (obvs) and are a pleasure to do business with.

Went to grab some coffee, stumbled on a coffin race. 🤷‍♀️ #dentoning

So proud to share my birthday with these two! It's a rare occasion that we get to celebrate together but this is a big one for Mimi and me! Mom, you're next!

End of the night pic 🌀〽️💢

Friends getting married is the best reason to get all gussied up!