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Saturday night vibes ❀️

Because sometimes I like to look like a lady πŸ’… #ladyinthestreets #freakinthegym 😜

After yesterday's high carb day, sushi, and frozen yogurt πŸ˜‹ Currently consuming over 2000 calories/day and implementing a high carb day once a week! .
Nutrition plans available at www.rachelscheer.com πŸ”₯

Trying to put some color on this ❄️ white skin 😜 #mybikiniblendsinwithmyskin

I've never posted a video like this before but I want to show what my body looks like not flexed, posed, or arching my back (I have a natural anterior pelvic tilt tho). It's easy to look at people on social media and think of how perfect everyone else's lives seem. Perfect bodies, relationships, clothes, always traveling and happy. But that's the thing about social media, we only post the best. Which is understandable, we post things we are proud of and want to show of, not our insecurities or struggles. But don't assume that the people's lives you look up to on social media are perfect, because everyone is fighting their own battle. I struggle with insecurities about my body. I suffer with extreme stomach pain on a daily basis and often go to bed looking 3 months pregnant! And some days I want to curl up in a ball in bed and just cry because the pain gets so bad. I'm not perfect, and my life is far from perfect. But I'm human. Perfection does not exist and if you spend your life trying to be just that, rather than accepting your flaws you will be utterly unhappy and disappointed. Don't give into negative self-talk. This is something I know I need to work on every day as well. It's true that we are our own worst critique. We need give ourselves credit for our hard work and love ourselves for who we are.
PS Lighting also makes a HUGE difference. Here the lighting is pretty good. This also makes a difference in the visible cuts and muscle definition with a body. I took this video a little after breakfast this morning. Stomach still relatively flat, but like I said, at the end of the day I sometimes am bloated and my stomach looks huge! I may post a picture soon, but it's one of my greatest insecurities.

Protein Pizza Hack! πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•
I love playing around with ingredients in the kitchen to find macro-friendly recipes for some of my favorite foods! This entire pizza I made was under 350 cal! 😱
Create your own version by adding your favorite toppings. Crust only 150 calories with 25P, 10C, and 2F. Add more fats with your toppings to up the cals! #recipehack

Today's glute workout:
4x30 frog pumps
4x20 kick-backs
3x20 barbell hip-thrust
3x10 banded lateral walks
4x30 hip-abduction
3x10 front-squats
3x10 banded stiff-leg deadlift πŸ”₯πŸ‘πŸ”₯

For the past year I've been battling with a lot of stomach/GI pains and I would get EXTREMELY bloated. A few days ago I decided to cut sugar substitutes completely from my diet. I have been a big Stevia advocate and for the past couple years I've been putting it in my coffee, pancakes, and baked goods. There's also a lot of Sucralose in the nutritional products I used as well. And it's crazy to say but my stomach already feels WAY better in just a couple of days after stopping! Just because we don't digest sugar substitutes (which is what makes them zero calorie), doesn't mean the bacteria that makes up our gut biome doesn't! Fiber and even sugar substitutes are still digested by bacteria producing hydrogen or methane, causing a lot of the bloating issues experienced with their use. So it's back to bitter coffee for me if it means beating the bloat! 😜

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Photo taken by @themannyfresco


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