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Rachel Ring  This is basically just a place to show off my cute ass dog

I got her this Chewbacca toy cause it's cute as h*ck and she won't even play with it. She just rolls on it.

I love Annmarie for many reasons, but two current ones are because she has a wonderful cat, and because she got me a pair of my favorite shoes for my bday 🤗 (if you'd like to know 18188559372950 more reasons I love her, please message me. The post would be too long)

My two gals bein cute as fuck

She's diggin' the fire escape

My gal is moving to Richmond with me! 😄

These two dudes made my week pretty awesome

I've never been more happy than I was to dig around in dirt to plant these beauties

Just in case anyone forgot how perfect Mo is 🐱

I want to live and travel in this bus, permanent homes are overrated

Chance the Rapper Be Encouraged Tour | 2017
I have no words how surreal it was seeing Chance in concert. Easily one of the best moments of my life
Seeing his version of Waves performed live was also beyond incredible

There's no other way I'd rather spend an evening than with my best friend's butt hanging in front of my face while listening to the calming sounds of the river

My only goal in life is to be as carefree and happy as a dog during car rides

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