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Rachel Platten  My new album #Waves is out now! 🌊🌊 🌊


PERMASMILING AT #pyeongchang 😁😁😁😁😁

I’m so athletic!!! #TeamUSA

Growing up, my personal style heavily depended on what was “cool” or what my friends were wearing. Even a couple of years ago when i first started this weird world of red carpets i was trying to dress how a “pop star” is supposed to and always feeling a little off. Lately - I’ve learned that it’s OKAY to want to rock high fashion and learn about it and appreciate it, but also that it’s okay when i just wanna wake up run on the beach and not wear makeup to the studio or care much at all about anything except being comfortable. We are all contradictions and it’s GREAT. So anywayyyy here were my picks from this collection - they honor the beach girl in me with a bit of cute athletic vibes. Check out all of my @Aerie faves at Aerie.com now. #Ad #noretouchingEVER

OLYMPICS HERE WE COME!!! Ps. This dope onesie is courtesy of my mom who absolutely crushed it. My performance will be live on nbc 7am eastern Monday! Xoxo

I know today is supposed to be all about ❤️ but it can make some of us feel alone and not loved and guilty for feeling resentful and just a whole lot of bs we don’t need! Don’t you think you deserve to shift that? Take this day back from needing external adoration and let’s give it to ourselves! That’s the most powerful kind of love 💝 and essential before anyone else can love us back. So I’ll start. I AM A REALLY COMPASSIONATE LADY!
there. Now your turn. #happyvalentinesday

🎧 all this right now.

New podcast alert: catch me chat with some adorable girls on @theladygang’s latest ep and hear ya girl get real vulnerable and also my friend @leamichele comes and surprises me and also i chew candy in the microphone. All those things. 🍭🍬🍭 ps. Also please only girls go listen to this.


I get mail! Some really solid points here. Have a great summer!

We believe in the healing power of Music because MUSIC SPREADS SO MUCH ❤️. Thank you @lindseystirling and Kit and @musiciansoncall for the amazing morning.

Repost @fromwhereidrone because this makes me remember to take deep breaths.

I had a hard couple of weeks. I completely focused energy on the wrong things - doubting myself, Over controlling, stress! and forgot to do what i love ❤️. Create! Write songs! Trust! But the last two days were magical 🧙‍♀️ (that was the suggested emoji?). I got to make CHUNES and sing and feel like me again. And sooo I’m posting this shot from my Aerie shoot that i really didn’t love at first because i only saw flaws. But now i freaking love it. This is what bodies actually do when they lean to the side. They have rolls! It’s okay! We are HUMAN and we have skin and it’s gonna bunch up when you smoosh it together so f it. No one should retouch this don’t you think?! On this new day of feeling so much joy and trust - I’m gonna trust that it’s safe to put up a picture that i would normally criticize myself about because I feel good INSIDE, so who cares about the outside when your heart is shining so big it’s gonna radiate and that’s way more sexy and powerful anyway. #aeriereal #aeriepartner #ad

Even for the thousandth time, your hands can make my skin light up like 💎

Business Barbie vibes. 🐶💕🐶💕 ps. I realize that 90% of my feed has become dog related content. Is anyone mad about it?

Dino and i were caught on #puppybowl’s kiss cam last night. 😍 Major moment for him. I hope he takes advantage of this truly amazing opportunity and that fame doesn’t go to his head.

🐶 be honest - the hugging dogs post was way more compelling. I should just quit the internet.

This is the most important thing on the internet today. Reposting @ourplanetdaily just because come on....Look at these best buds!! Tag yours.

MAN I’ve so missed playing shows this month....it makes my heart not feel as full and i forget what is wrong and then remember - I NEED TO SAAAANG. Minneapolis you ready for some of this tonight!! Im coming for you. 💕💕💕💕💕📸: @srklens ps. Sorry for confusion my Minneapolis babies it’s a private Super Bowl event :(((

Look mom I’m on a billboard!

Mood cuz 3 hours in Vegas. #duckfaceselfie💋

Because you. are. AH-MAZING.

My date’s hotter than your date tho.

Hi. I didn’t stay up till 5 and then eat every single thing my hotel snack bar had. Nope. Why would you say that? 🤦🏼‍♀️ well, here’s a pic when the night seemed full of happier endings. THANK YOU TO MY SWEET GLAM team for helping me get my butt out of pajamas and feeling ooh la la.

I’m very entertaining.

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