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Rachel Platten  New baby & tour who dis?

“Can you like...act more natural?“ me: “ahhh i gotchu” 👍🏽

I have accomplished some cool things but none have felt as satisfying as timing our baby’s nap with brunch. First meal out as a family ✅ MOOOOOD

CONGRATULATIONS to this adorable idiot for getting her own freaking LATE NIGHT SHOW. @iisuperwomanii what a queen you are!!!!

Thank you to the sweetest ever @justinanderson & #dphuehouse for helping me feel a little brighter with my new blonde situation. Also, ladies HOW CAN I KEEP ALL THIS PREGNANT HAIR? is it true it’s some of it will fall out after a couple of months? 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽😭😭😭

Heyyyyy 😘 i need to relAX.

I hope Kev and i are able to raise a little girl as kind as this one. Little angel says “can i just give him....” and her dad lovingly encourages her to and is so proud 😭. Guys let’s all do a random act of kindness today!! Tell me below what you plan to do or did. Let’s fill the world up with ❤️ today. Ps. this is my favorite account by far @i_am_here_to_uplift

✨✨✨ i felt so sparkly! ✨✨✨

Ooo la la. Getting ready for a movie premiere this afternoon for a song i have in a movie called #wonderparkmovie. Exciting! But before i post the red carpet finished situation vibe i just want to give a real glimpse into how this is going down. Pretttyyyy chaotic. i definitely wanted to hide in bed this am with violet and not do this whole thing. I realized I’ve never done a carpet without feeling A+ skinny and fake tanned and highlighted hair and on top of my game bla bla bla. But my amazing fellow mama @colleen who is coming on my arm reminded me last night, that we don’t have to be ashamed of not having it altogether, in fact we should be proud of being working mamas just figuring out how to balance it all. Ok lesss go.

In honor of #internationalwomensday (ps we need a whole year but anywaaaay), i am proud to get to share the story of the time that I felt most like a woman - giving birth to Violet. :) It was the most raw, incredibly empowering, crazy experience of my life and I’m not sure if i will ever feel as proud of anything. Fellow women - you are all my absolute HEROES. We are incredible, strong, sensitive, emotional, brave, kind, fierce badasses. Go lift up a fellow sister today! Check out the informed pregnancy podcast on iTunes for the whole episode. ;)

I never used to be a morning person. Ask any tour manager of mine ;) But I’m learning to love how these early hours with our little family are so quiet and sweet and intimate. 💕🤱I’m also loving how Kev lets me go back to sleep after feeding so i don’t have to really commit to loving the morning.

LINEN CLOSET PORN. The biggest thank you to my best friend and professional organizer @thetidybee for organizing the 💩 out of my home and making my life feel so together when it’s definitely not ;) Go follow her account for more swoon worthy organization shots and tips.

Meh. Too many babies and dogs on my page lately. Here’s another thing I’m into! Fancy dresses and microphones and long held out notes that make the audience like 😃😃😃 speaking of....who’s coming to see me and @ptxofficial on tour this summer?!!!

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