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It’s not uncommon for me to finish a client call and cry. ⠀
Cry because I’m so fucking proud of them. ⠀
Cry because they put their trust in me. ⠀
Cry because I get to make a difference. ⠀
Cry because I get to call this my job. ⠀
Seriously, your wins are my wins, in the same way that I share your struggle with you too - you’re never alone in this. I think I missed the part in school where they teach you to separate your emotions during client consults 😂 but I can’t help it because moments like this - when a client finds themselves in a state they could’ve never dreamed they’d see themselves in - make it so dang worth it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. ⠀
Now to your regular non-mushball programming 😂❤️

Is this thing on? *tap tap* 🎤🙃⠀

After dreaming up, doubting, starting, stopping and starting again, I’m finally making moves on my podcast! 💃🏼 ⠀

It will officially launch on 🌟 January 7th 2019 🌟 but I will be revealing the name and everything you can expect from it next Monday in my newsletter! ⠀

If you aren’t yet on it yet, you can get on it at the link in my bio. Plus you’ll get my free guide to ditch diets & make friends food! 💕 You’ll also be the first to hear about special announcements, new recipes and podcast episodes as they’re released!!

Got a dream guest you’d love for me to interview? Tag them below! 👇🏼 Also open to learning about what topics you’d like me to cover!⠀

I’ve felt especially overwhelmed by diet culture as of late, which is weird cause isn’t this the time of the year where everyone’s supposed to throw back the egg nog and gingerbread cookies like it ain’t no thang?! 🤷🏼‍♀️ Regardless I wanted to hop on here to say that if you are feeling the pressure from diet culture, you aren’t alone. I feel you - but even on one of my not-so-awesome body days, pimple and all, i can assure you, that you are just fine as you are. You are exactly where you need to be and doing exactly what you need to do. Keep on filling that cup (like with self-care, positive self-talk and like maybe wine if you really want? 🙃) #youdoyouboo

It may not look like much but these Tacos Verdes from @thebutchersdaughter_official were pretty stinkin’ amazing 😍 I think I need to go back to NYC just to eat my way through it! Don’t be fooled though - these leafy green tacos were complimented by late night pizza slices and croissants at breakfast. I share this with you because I don’t want you to think I’m a “perfect eater” (and in fact, there’s no such thing). Eating my way through a city is half the reason I travel, but more importantly, I strive to listen to my body and what it needs - and you can only have so much pizza before your body is yearning for greens! 🥗😜🌱 | #RealAssFood

Surprise! We’re in New York 🍎! Last night Randall and I flew here to surprise my former roomie I lived with in Australia @melcorletttt & her hubs @hamishcorlett who just brought the cutest human into the world 👶🏼💞 I’m going to be interviewing Mel for the podcast this weekend to talk about the greatest love story ever and her role as a new mama and founder of @women.of.treign, Sydney’s first women’s focused strength and conditioning facility. Got Q’s for her? Drop ‘em below! Also open for all eats & drinks reco’s. Apparently I must check out @thebutchersdaughter_official & @eatalydowntown 😍 Got any others? 🍕🥗🍜🌯🥐

Restricting food doesn’t promote healthful behaviours. Forcing yourself into clothes that don’t fit properly doesn’t promote healthful behaviours. Scolding yourself to do better the next day doesn’t promote healthful behaviours. ⠀

But you know what does? ⠀

💫 Self-love. ⠀
💫 Compassion for one self.⠀
💫 Giving your body what it needs, whether that’s a nourishing meal, chocolate or a sleep in. ⠀
💫And speaking nicely to it. ⠀

It can be easier to do this on the weekend when we lighten up on the expectations of ourselves but remember, it’s SO important and incredibly beneficial to do so everyday 💞
📷: @daniellegiroux & @amirgolbazi

NIGHT PEE-ER? 💦 Read this 👉🏼 // Last week I shared how I knew my adrenal glands (which are responsible for releasing stress hormones) were in better health - I wasn’t waking up to pee in the night! 💃🏼⠀

 What do stress & urinating have in common?⠀

👉🏼 Short term stress can result in increased levels of cortisol and epinephrine (stress hormones) in the body which can result in frequent urination⠀
👉🏼 When the body is experiencing chronic on-going stress, anti-diuretic hormone (ADH) is decreased and the adrenal glands aren’t able to produce aldosterone, also resulting in frequent urination.⠀

Other signs you’ll want to look out for to see if you could use some stress management include: brain fog, fatigue, difficulty getting out of bed in the morning, very awake at night, turning to food for comfort and very reactive to stressors, be it a scathing email or your cat pawing an entire bottle of my Stress Relief Essential Oil Spray off the table & breaking it (the irony!) 🤣⠀

Got Qs about stress & how to manage it naturally? Drop ‘em below 👇🏼⠀

“When I get there, I’ll be happy”⠀
“When I find love, I’ll be happy”⠀
“When I fit into the jeans, I’ll be happy”⠀
“When I lose the weight, I’ll be happy”⠀

But here’s the truth - you won’t. Because what you’re doing is believing that happiness is in the next place; somewhere that doesn’t exist, somewhere you have zero control of.⠀

Until you give up the idea that happiness is somewhere else, it will never be where you are (- Robert Holden 👊🏼) ⠀

Let’s change the story! Tell me something that brought you happiness recently. For me, it was coming home yesterday to see Randall put the lights up on the tree 🎄 (& that Dunks 🐱 didn’t knock it down 😜)

*CONTEST CLOSED: congrats @nourishedbychanelle! *🎄 CONTEST ALERT 🎄 December = ALL the festive drinks (and lots of @elfontheshelf hilarity to come! 😂).⠀

You're looking at a Sproos'd up Gingerbread Latte 😍! Many of you will be doing some festive sipping over the holidays and adding a scoop of Canadian brand, @SproosLife Grass-Fed Collagen to your warm cozy drinks is a simple way to help balance your blood sugar (thanks to the 10g of protein in each scoop) and support the health of your gut, joints, skin and nails at the same time!⠀ ⠀
To get the recipe for this Gingerbread Latte (dairy-free & refined sugar-free by the way) and for the full low down on how my 30-day collagen challenge went, hop on over to the link in my bio.⠀

PLUS, if you want a chance to WIN a tub of @SproosLife Grass-Fed collagen and samples of their flavoured SKUs and collagen bars, enter below!⠀

1. Follow @rachelmmolenda@SproosLife
2. Tag a friend you love to sip with! ⠀
Contest closes Thursday December 6th at 11:49pm EST. Contest open to Canadian residents only.⠀ ⠀
#SproosLife #SproosUpTheHolidays #CanadianBrand #Ambassador

Today we celebrated this special human who turned 32 today 🎉⠀

When I asked Randall how he wanted to celebrate his birthday, he responded with: watching soccer and football! Umm, okay? 🙄😂 But as the most content, grateful and happiest human I know, it makes sense that he would find joy in the little things which is why I love and appreciate this human so dang much!!⠀

We’re off to celebrate him over BBQ 🤤 and by the way, he loved his @ryu pantaloons! Thanks to everyone who helped with their gift suggestions when I was being the worst last minute girlfriend ever 😂 Hope you found joy in the little things today too 💕

MEDITATION 🙏🏼 // It’s been the missing puzzle piece in my healing journey and definitely the one I’ve been most resistant to. ⠀

But I once heard that the people who feel they “can’t” or “don’t have time” to meditate are the ones that need it most 🙋🏼‍♀️ (you’re looking at her 😂).⠀

Even though I might’ve thought up 5292638 new business ideas and mapped out what I’m going to have for dinner for the next year, spending my morning at @thequietco was the best gift I could’ve given myself today 🙏🏼. ⠀

If meditation has been on your to-do list for a while, I invite you to finally cross it off with 10%off of a meditation session at @thequietco when you use “QuietRachel10” to sign up. I promise you will walk out a much happier and content human than when you walked in 🤗⠀

Do you guys meditate? If so, tell me all your secrets! 🤣

THE RESULTS ARE IN 😮 // A month ago I went to the hospital for severe chest pains. A few days later I was told my chest xray showed the start of pneumonia in my left lung. Both these events, on top of feeling super burnt out, tired, broken, sore and stressed out were signs to me that it was time for change. ⠀

The next day I traded in my CrossFit membership for yoga. I prioritized sleep ins. I started walking more. I said no to more things to free up more “me” time in my schedule. ⠀

This came with fear [yup, of my changing body] and uncertainty - but it also came with trust. Trust that my body knew what it needed and what it was doing. ⠀

And so I listened to it – and it was right. The results from my most recent chest xray came back CLEAR 🎉!⠀

The funny thing is, I already kind of knew that (k, the worrier in me might’ve been convinced I was a goner 🤣). Because I feel more calm, less reactive, I'm sleeping through the night (before I would wake up to pee each night – a likely sign that your adrenals are lzapped!) and I physically feel less inflamed. ⠀

Guys, it may not always make sense. It may not be part of your plan. But you’ve got to trust it. Your body always, always knows best! 🙌🏼 Thank you for everyone who shared their similar experiences with me and gave me hope that I was on the right track. It really means so much 🙏🏼

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