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We did it guys. ⠀

After an expensive recipe fail, the most uplifting pep talk with my @uber driver, your support and reassuring messages to not give up and keep on going ...⠀


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This cookie 🍪 and I had a war yesterday.⠀

You see, I started my morning with pancakes. “Healthy" pancakes, but pancakes nonetheless which I’ve learned my body doesn’t thrive on (aka I’m hungry 2 hours later).⠀

That turned into mid-morning energy balls which turned into an early lunch. Cool. Great. Nothing against this. If you’re hungry – eat.⠀

But just an hour later, I was craving the sweetness of a cookie 🍪 and the warmth of a hot tea 🍵 which made total sense, because when I checked in with myself, I discovered I was feeling lonely (craving comfort) and physically cold (craving warmth). In true intuitive eating fashion, I honoured it. I went to buy a cookie and tea.⠀

As I sat down to eat it, I felt the fear wash over me 😦. What if I eat the whole thing? Why am I doing this? I should know better by now.⠀

But I ignored all of that negative self-talk and trusted that my body knew what it was doing. I started to nibble on the cookie, immersing myself in the sweetness, the texture, the fluffiness, the crustiness, the EVERYTHING. I gave myself full permission to simply ENJOY.⠀

20 Minutes pass and I realized I haven’t thought about the cookie at all. In fact, 3/4 of it was remaining. I put it away with ease (no will power required – because I allowed myself to enjoy it).⠀

The lesson? Trust your body, listen to it and let go of judgmental thoughts. A humbling reminder that we never fully “arrive” or are “cured” but simply get better at managing and releasing self-sabotaging thoughts.⠀

More thoughts coming to you later this week about why I’m a fan of satisfying cravings ✌🏼

While Randy and I were traveling Colombia in June, we started this thing called The Last Bite. ⠀

The Last Bite consists of saving a taste of every flavour & texture from your meal to enjoy in one last bite. I got so excited about this idea, I started dreaming up a whole cookbook around The Last Bite philosophy 😂⠀

It was something we had been doing for a while without even putting much thought into it. But upon reflection, I realized we were eating mindfully, eating for both fuel & pleasure (you’re allowed to do that, btw 😉) and sharing in our love for food together. ⠀

So now I’m curious - what would your *PERFECT* Last Bite look like? Mine would totally be a twirled fork of egg noodles with a spoonful of Khao Soi broth from @paitoronto 😍

*CONTEST CLOSED: congrats @sarahlynn.3* Gouda morning 🤗 I’ve really been narrowing in on my pre-sleep routine (because good sleep = lowered stress, balanced hunger hormones, better focus and a happy Rach 👍🏼🙃), to the point where I feel a little psychotic about it 😂. It looks something like this:
. 😴Wash face + moisturize (been loving @consonantskincare as of late!)
😴Brush teeth (I use @holisticwellnessfoodie’s Salty Kisses toothpaste at night)
😴Supplements: Magnesium & Turmeric
😴 Chug a glass of water
😴 Read for like 2 seconds before falling asleep (lol) .

And my newest addition is 3-5 Spritzes of @veevalife’s “Sleep” Essential Oil Mist on my pillows and blankets which I am LOVING, along with their Stress and Anxiety Mists. Veeva is the only natural product company in North America that focuses exclusively on mental health and combines both essential oils and Bach flower essences in their mists to make it more powerful.

Enter to WIN 3 @veevalife Mists for yourself:
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Contest ends Tuesday September 18th at 11:59pm ET. Open to Canada and US residents only. Good luck! ❤️ #ad #sponsored

+26 temps ☀️ in September, but apparently making forts* for your cat inside is more important 🤷🏼‍♀️
*this was totally my mom’s idea. can you tell she wants grandchildren? 😂

Cheers to a super awesome week 🥂 with the official reveal of DIY Kombucha Online (join the waitlist at the link in my bio to get access to exclusive pricing), a super fun corporate Kombucha Workshop at @paradigm_pr and some big leaps & progress made with my emotional & disordered eating focused clients 🙌🏼⠀

I’m headed up north to the cottage this weekend for one last taste of summer ☀️ and R&R with Randall and Dunkie 🐱 . Sad to be missing @canadianhealthfoodassociation East but you guys will just have to fill me in on all your favourite finds after the weekend! ⠀

Happy weekend to you, baberonis! ❤️

Nutrition is great and all - until you start stressing about:⠀

🔸 Putting fruit in your smoothie⠀
🔹 Having an apple as a snack ⠀
🔸 Not eating healthy 24/7 ⠀
🔹 Eating past 8pm⠀
🔸 Not putting lemon in your water ⠀

At one point we have to ask ourselves how these food rules are serving us (or recognize that they’re not). I believe in the healing power of nutrition whole heartedly - I REALLY do! 🥑 But I also see how the morality around nutrition, the victimizing of foods; calling them “good” and “bad” (which in turn makes us feel “good” or “bad”), is doing more harm than good. ⠀

Want to break up with food rules and find a way to eat that is still healthy, easy and enjoyable again? Download the FREE GUIDE at the link in my bio or DM me to learn how we can work together 🤗⠀

*trigger alert*⠀

The other night I asked my client to describe how she differentiates overeating from binge eating. As she described her experience of binging, all of the memories flooded back to me:⠀

Quick. ⠀
Rapid. ⠀
Trance-like. ⠀
Out of control. ⠀
Eating. Everything. ⠀
Non-stop. ⠀
Racing thoughts. ⠀
Relief. Then immediate guilt. ⠀
Extreme discomfort. ⠀
Fullness (but still empty).⠀
Pain. ⠀
And. ⠀
What the fuck just happened?⠀
Why does this keep happening?⠀

I remember my last binge so vividly. I remember thinking this was just how my life would be. This was my normal. I didn’t realize thousands of women (and men) were also going through this. And now that I know, it’s my life mission to help all of you who are struggling to overcome your struggle with food, be it binging, restrictive eating, feeling at war with food, overeating or chronic dieting. I’m with you and you are never alone my friend ❤️⠀

📷: @daniellegiroux & @amirgolbazi

You’re looking at the yummiest, easiest and cheapest bottle of Lemon Ginger Kombucha you’ll ever make and drink 👏🏼 ⠀

YES, I said MAKE because in my new 🍹 DIY Kombucha Online 🍹 course I’m teaching over on @joyoushealth, you can learn how to brew your own ‘buch from scratch (bonus: you’ll even know how to say “kombucha” properly after it 😂 hint: it’s not “KAM-bucha” or “kom-butch-a” 😉).⠀

You can find a comprehensive overview of everything this course will get you at the link in my profile, but here are just some of the highlights you have to look forward to:⠀

🍹 5 Professional videos detailing what kombucha is, the many health benefits and step-by-step instructions to brew and flavour your own kombucha naturally⠀
🍹 A comprehensive guide to summarize the learnings in the videos (no note taking required!)⠀
🍹 10 Delicious and unique recipes⠀
🍹 Access to a private online community to troubleshoot any brewing issues⠀

The course will officially be available as of September 25th but you can join the waitlist now to get access to exclusive pricing when it launches! Get on the list over at the link in my bio 😊🙌🏼 | #DIYkombuchaonline #RealAssFood
📷: @1stnamewalker

Just a reminder that if you are like the majority of Toronto today and eating soup in response to this dreary rainy day, you are eating emotionally - and no, not all emotional eating is bad 😮.⠀

Emotional eating can teach us about our needs if we simply pay attention to our emotions and the needs we have that are present when pursuing a certain food; and let’s face it – food is an emotional experience. Food is packed with nostalgia and memories and in that, there’s comfort. ⠀

It's the victimizing of food and the guilt of eating experiences that we need to change and that I set out to help my clients change so they can make friends with food again.⠀

Now tell me 👇🏼 one food that can bring you back to a place/person/time in your life in an instant! Mine’s cliche, but it’s definitely my Baba’s chicken noodle soup (probably cause it was mostly chunky noodles and broth 😂).

Runny, uncooked, caved-in Pumpkin Spice Muffins anyone? 😝🤣⠀⠀
Yup, this is the reality behind recipe testing. I was actually super bummed when my pancakes/muffins/expensive disaster of a recipe didn’t turn out cause I wanted to share them with you on the blog this week 😞.⠀⠀
Usually I can shake these kind of things but today, I couldn’t. I got in a funk and found a reason for everything to not go my way today. ⠀⠀
That was until I had the most UPLIFTING Uber ride EVER (see my IG story for the recap - seriously, I was meant to take this Uber today 😳!)I didn’t intend on Uber-ing today but turns out the universe had other plans to give me the exact lesson I needed. Thanks uni 🙏🏼😊 There’s a lesson in everything 💕

Even though I don’t subscribe to a label, I still have a minor identity crisis when I go to say a vegan event like I did on Thursday or a vegetarian festival like I’m going to tomorrow.⠀

There’s this feeling that I don’t belong because I’m not 100% vegan or vegetarian ALL THE TIME, but that’s silly. ⠀

As long as you’re eating intuitively (aka listening to your body’s needs), you will always fall under many different dietary labels which is why I choose to subscribe to NONE (except for the Rachitarian diet 😊).⠀

So ... any non-vegetarians-but-sometimes-happen-to-eat-vegetarian hitting up @vegfoodfest tomorrow? See you there 🤗 ⠀

p.s: I’ve been eating this Lentil Loaf all week and forgot how good it is! Recipe is on my blog 😍

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