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I have a few yummy Yoga opportunities I'm excited to announce in the next few days! Fresh newsletter being sent soon, comment or DM me your email if you aren't included already #yoga #yogateacher #yogateachertraining #yogainspiration #yogaretreat #bali #baliyoga #travel #mentorship

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The last month was full of joy and struggles. I saw their hopes and fears and dreams sway like the leaves πŸƒ on the trees, giving me a glimpse of their inner world and the secrets hidden within. I was a part of their battles and a part of the elation. Every victory was earned. We sang, we danced, we laughed and we cried. Together we rode the waves 🌊, the ups and downs of the heart and mind and found a way to navigate through all types of weather.
We walked along the alleys with the dogs and cats, and chickens, and roosters and met with the local farmers and shared the streets and smiles with generations of Balinese.
Our spirits flew high, soaring and gliding on the winds of change, just like the elaborate kites flown every afternoon by the local children. πŸ¦…

We delighted in nature's bounty of fresh tropical fruits, πŸ‰and in the fragrance and beauty of the flowers; like the frangipanis that fell to the ground every hour. It was like the flowering of our own consciousness; every day dropping to reveal another lesson, another teaching, another learning: a continuous blooming.
When the weight of the air became so heavy, as the atmospheric pressure built to breaking point, we also felt the heaviness in our bodies and the stories in our minds. Then when it released, in the most intense and torrential downpour that we've ever experienced, we felt our own heaviness being released, and as the sun β˜€οΈ came out to shine, so did our own inner light begin to radiate outwards. Yet, we knew, if only on a deeper visceral level, that there cannot be one without the other, and we wouldn't wish it any other way. ☯️ For we are not separate from the environment and community and world that we live in. We are not separate from each other, but we are all part of the same organism called Life, being expressed in a multitude of different forms; all emanating from, and dissolving back into, the same Source. πŸ•‰
Eternal gratitude and thanks to all of you. See you next year. πŸ™ @deepikamehtayoga you were inspirational and we couldn't have done it without you. ❀️@chiagemels thanks so much for being a part of it. πŸ™

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All the merit/benefit that we have gained from all our hard work and effort this month we offer to the well being of all sentient beings everywhere. This prayer is part of the Mangala Mantra and this is a special part of our practice. We begin our practice with gratitude for our teachers and by setting our intention for liberation and we close our practice this way. πŸ™ .
Swasthi prajabhya paripalayantham,
Nyayena margena maheem maheeshah
Gobrahmanebhyo shubhamasthu nithyam,
Loka samastha Sukhino Bhavantu πŸ•‰

So grateful for a month of guidance and nourishment with @markrobberds and @deepikamehtayoga - incredible teachers with a knowledgeable and compassionate approach to the practice and life of Yoga
@chiagemels thank you for sharing your skillful adjustments and love
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Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu β€’ May All Beings Be Happy and Free 🎢 . (Music by Us 😊)

This is what my mornings have looked like for the last month with these beautiful people. It has been full of blood, sweat, tears and tons of laughter and good vibes. There's still three more days to go, and a lot will happen in that time, but I know I'm going to miss this amazing group and the journey we've been on together. πŸ™πŸ•‰

How many poses am I able to I combine as I make my way down the poolside ledge? It's inspired a new meaning of "traveling yogi" πŸ˜‚ Thanks for letting me entertain a dad-joke on Father's Day #yoga #yogavideo #yogainspiration #yogaiswhereyoufindit #domoreyoga #bali #indonesia #baliyoga #dadjoke #travelingyogi

A topic of conversation I've had with many practitioners of Yoga is how best to be a steward of the ancient teachings of Yoga amidst the changing modern interpretations of the practice. When posed this question yesterday, @markrobberds answer could be summed up with one piece of advice. He advised that we practice Yoga authentically in order to set an example to others.

Some trends may burn brightly and turn to ash, swept away with history; while some reinventions may withstand the passing of time and be adopted into a new tradition. We will see what unfolds as teachers and students evolve their ideas of Truth.
#yoga #yogaphilosophy #ashtanga #bali #indonesia #domoreyoga #yogaiswhereyoufindit #yogainspiration #yogavideo

Hatha Yoga has its roots in Tantric philosophy which believes the body is a necessary vehicle for navigating life in this world. Thus, the body should be cared for and made strong and stable in order to create a strong and stable mind.
#yoga #yogainspiration #yogavideo #yogaiswhereyoufindit #bali #indonesia #domoreyoga #hathayoga #sunshine

I love the way practice environments influence creative navigation of space and objects. I appreciate the sacred space of a mat and the comforts it provides, but a lot of my practice is also done without one. If you find yourself without a mat and feel the urge to move, tap into your creativity and experiment with your unique space. Enjoy the process πŸ’§πŸ¦‹πŸŒˆ #yoga #yogalife #yogavideo #yogateacher #bali #indonesia #mothernature #yogaiswhereyoufindit #love #yogainspiration #domoreyoga

I've been waking up around 5am each morning but today I needed extra sleep, so when my alarm buzzed I reset it and gave myself an extra hour of deep, restful sleep. Luckily, I was able to attend the later practice session. Practicing with the later group allowed me to meet many new, friendly people from Mexico, Ireland and Australia over breakfast. What a fortunate shift that enabled this meeting of people! #yoga #yogalife #ashtanga #yogapose #bali #indonesia #practiceandalliscoming #yogaiswhereyoufindit #hello #nicetomeetyou

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