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Rachel Holmes  🏋🏻Join my Kick Start Lift Lean Project use the code LIFTLEAN for a discount on the first 50 places


🥑🍫Avo Choc Mousse🍫🥑 as we are heading towards the weekend you might be in need of a healthy chocolate fix 🥑🍫 check out this quick avocado mouse recipe video it's so easy to make 🍫Take an avocado 🥑pitted dates 🍫raw cacoa powder and whiz it all up adding water until its smooth 🗝I use a vitamix pop it into serving dishes and put in the fridge for an hour 🥑🥑🍫🍫🍫it's wonderful- tag a friend that would love this recipe!

💥B A S I C 💥. Its Day 10 on the Kick Start Lift Lean and today i went back to a real basic workout using standard basic exercises, sometimes you can get all fancy and creative but pulling it back and just hitting those “BIG ROCK” exercises are key.🗝
🐶20 seconds on with 10 seconds of rest.
You can use 🏋🏻a barbell, weights or Kettlebells 🏋🏻concentrate on the execution of each exercise and do every rep to the very best of your ability🤛🏻 1: Squat
2: Press Ups
3:Kettlebell Swing
4: Bent Over fly.
5: Lunges.
6: V Sit
7:Tricep Dip
8:Military Press
9: Reverse Lunge
10:Lateral Raise.

Repeat for 3 rounds and enjoy 🎉🎉🎉
Liftlean is about eating for health and stopping the daily body obsession - too much time thinking about being thinner/leaner/smaller and obsessing over food instead of doing a great workout.
Eating a healthy clean diet.
Moving on and working on your goals, projects and ambitions rather than constantly thinking abut the size of your stomach or when you are going to finally get that 6 pack ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Lets stop the madness and LIVE. - Tag your workout buddy!

🏋🏻S Q U A T 🏋🏻. Ideas to spice up your squats by changing the foot position every 4 or 8 reps. This changes the angel of the femur coming into the pelvis, challenging the muscles in different ways and planes.
Resulting in a multi dimensional approach to your squat training.

Do 8 Reps Of Each Position

1: Regular Squat
2: Wide Squat
3: Narrow Squat
4: Asymmetrical squat
5: External rotation
6: Internal rotation
Try doing body weight, loading with dumbbells or barbells
for added variety and challenge.

Happy Squatting 🏋🏻. #squats #squatchallenge #squat #functionaltraining #liftlean #sweatfest #bodyweighttraining #bodybuildingmotivation #bodybuilder #crossfit #kickstartfatloss #ksfl #kettlebells #girlswholift #fitnesspilates #fitnessprofessional #fitnessprofessional #paleo #primal #fitnesspilates #fitnessmotivation #instagram #fitspo #fitspiration #train #burpees #breakfast #morningmotivation #followme #followback - tag a friend who needs some workout motivation!

🏐M I N I B A L L 🏐 here are a few of my favourite fitness Pilates on the mini ball exercises
1️⃣Half roll back with rotation
2️⃣Table top tap downs
3️⃣Leg extensions
4️⃣Knee rolling
Very simple but highly effective moves 🏐mini balls are very cheap portable and add a new dimension to your class

🏋🏻T W E A K 🏋🏻if you want to squat deeper or deadlift lower try raising your heels to change the position of your pelvis 🤔 it's a great tweak and works brilliantly well do 10 reps of each exercise and Repeat for 5 rounds 💥Execute each exercise slowly with great form and technique
3️⃣Bicep curls
4️⃣Ab Roll Outs go for it team 🤛🏻🤛🏻🤛🏻🤛🏻🤛🏻🤛🏻🎊🎊🎉
#follow4follow #followforfollow

🏋🏻B A R B E L L 🏋🏻. Fast Barbell workout 💦Try this creative circuit do each exercise for 30 Seconds with 10 Seconds rest and repeat this circuit x5
1️⃣Lateral Jumps
2️⃣Lateral Jumps with burpee
3️⃣Arm climb over
4️⃣Abs Roll Out
6️⃣Front Squat
Have a go and comment if you enjoy these little workout snippets
-#followforfollowback #follownow

🌞F A S T 🌞Fast cardio workout to kick off your Monday morning 🤸🏻‍♀️Strap on your sports bra and get moving 🤛🏻Do 20 reps of each exercise and repeat for 10 minutes 👌How many rounds can you do.
1️⃣Press ups
2️⃣Hill Climber
3️⃣X Hill Climber
4️⃣V Sit
This will wake you up 🤔🤔Have a great Monday #workout #training #women #instafit #kickstartfatloss #ksfl #fatloss #healthy #paleo #homeworkout #medball #bodyweighttraining #diet #lifestyle #instafit #fitnessprofessional
#yoga #primal #functionaltraining
#fitnessyoga #wod #unapologetic
#breathing #kettlebells #liftlean
#meditation#fitnesspilates #pilates

💥L E G D A Y 💥it's day 7 on #liftlean so we are 7 days down and 21 workouts to go 🏋🏻 for leg workout inspiration load up Barbell and aim to do 15 reps of each exercise and repeat for 5 rounds
1️⃣Deep Squats
2️⃣Static lunge
3️⃣Kettlebell Swings
5️⃣Power squats with no weight @ksflleeds @kick_start_ne3 @kickstartmaria @sindmatthews @nataliehillfitness @dannicevans @pow.wow.wow

🏋🏻M E G A B L A S T 🏋🏻today's #liftlean is f****** harddddddddd 19 minutes of proper intensity so I can't wait to see the pictures and see the comments 🏋🏻💥🙌🤔. So if you are languishing in bed right now then jump up 1️⃣Strap on your sports bra and CRACK ON 🏋🏻🏋🏻🏋🏻don't wait to think about it 🏋🏻Stop pondering and start doing 🤔. @heatherpringfitness @heatherjane71 @ksflleeds @beestonfitness @dannicevans @kickstartfatloss @pow.wow.wow @mrst_79_ @laura_trappx @keeleysocialmedia @sindmatthews @ksflorpington @ksfl_oxford @kimjenkins_ksfl @keepfitwithkelly @kick_start_ne3 @pureenergymusic @kickstartmaria

⭐️W O D ⭐️ Here is a really quick fat burning workout of the day ⭐️🙌Shoot for 5 rounds timing yourself and see how quickly you can do it ⭐️🏋🏻Post your time here 🌞🤔Go on ???
1️⃣20 Burpees
2️⃣20 Power Squats
3️⃣20 Lunge Jumps
4️⃣20 Tricep dips
Enjoy ❤️⭐️🏋🏻🤔💥1️⃣

🥑F A S T F O O D 🥑 if you are rushing about like a crazy person today and barely have time to eat or cook something 🍌you could easily rustle up a quick avocado 🥑 and banana 🍌smoothie You can water or almond milk add in honey or apple 🍎to be honest anything goes in these fast food fixes 🍏🍌🥑I make these in a #vitamix which I use everyday to be honest 🥑but whizz up in whatever you have available 🥑Healthy fast food for busy folks

🏋🏻K E T T L E B E L L S 🏋🏻 Day 5 of #liftlean and kettlebells feature in many of the workouts so here is a fast workout challenge you can try💦do as many rounds as you can in 15 mins
1️⃣Kettlebell swings
2️⃣Single arm kettlebells swings
4️⃣Russian Twist
Shoot for 20 Reps of each exercise
Just show up and enjoy your workout 🏖You Do You 🏖love always xxxxxxxxx. @ksflleeds @ksflorpington @ksfl_oxford @kimjenkins_ksfl @lindsay_gillam @kellyreedfitness @keeleysocialmedia @pow.wow.wow @mrst_79_ @ksflleeds @bigmeupmedia @kickstartmaria @kickstartfatloss @kick_start_ne3 @heatherpringfitness @sarahhogandance @dannicevans @pilatesnesta @heatherjane71

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