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Rachel Joy Nagel  Portland, OR 1/3 No Dead Air Podcast Trying to live up to my middle name. SNAPCHAT: racheljoyn Married to my city-lover husband @samuel.nagel


heart eyes

found our finger shoes now our fingers won't get callouses from running around free everywhere

July 20th 2014 was the worst night of my life. Life has absolutely not been the same since, i still cannot see any good from this. I will continue missing my sweet brother every day for the rest of my life. I miss you g baby.

🔥🔥🔥 Season 2 episode 4 of the NDA podcast AKA season 5 of the 1000 Measure Podcast

probably my favorite tiny person

I will always be a tourist in my city when my best friends come to visit. Especially when it's our Babymoon.

This sweet baby girl is no longer a middle schooler- 7 years ago we met under the same bridge me and Sam met under, she immediately attached herself to me and I called her my Leech. Then she moved away to Georgia and grew up without me. Today, after 5 years apart, we had a date that included all sorts of wonderful memories!!!!!

My dear sweet black sheep is leaving me for a real house, how can we go back to not being neighbors again??

Let me tell you a story with pictures. July 1st, while some of our family were in the Tacoma area visiting friends, my sweet big abs called me to say she was in a lot of pain and could I please take her to the doctor. We went to urgent care, then the ER, and then were transferred to the hospital in an ambulance (same hospital she was born in!!) Our entire family came to the hospital in Tacoma and stayed there from Saturday till Wednesday (not all sleeping there, thanks to so many good friends for housing us!!!) while abs had surgery. It was scary and stressful which you can NOT tell from the photos ;) THAT WAS OUR FOURTH OF JULY WEEKEND bet you wouldn't've known!! Anyways everything is OKAY now if you want more details ask her, she is coming back to Portland tomorrow!!!! Thankful to all you wonderful friends and also I love my family. ❤️❤️


I know this is very off brand but I couldn't help myself

one of those UN FILTERED days sitting in line for $5 breakfast burritos

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