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rachelenderwwe@gmail.com  This page is for mainly sharing pictures of my fur baby's you will every once in a while see one of just me

Rip aunt viola fly high we. Will miss u very much you can be with uncle sylvan

This is grannys routine with her fur grandbabies every evening ❤

My little baby cuddled up next to me looking so adorable trying to be a human being 💜💜💜

Hehehe he was impersonating major Payne lol

My lil gangsta

It feels like a touch of a wild fire in my mouth but so good. Lol

My baby boy Houidini allways striking a pose and Tinky well she's not to much into it lol

Just got done watching this show called enough on E and it has Jennifer Lopez in it its sad badass and a happy ending its about domestic abuse like I said it's a must see just goes to go that women can defend thereselfs when they've had enough

If anyone sees this women on Instagram she's not cool at all she kicked the shit out of her dog stupid witch her names keeyonna I think is how u spell it they said she's a model on Instagram

Me and my doggies chillin at my mom's and Cody after we woke up earlier

This weather has her hyped and him like @MojoRawley lol I may have spelled it wrong but oh well

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