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Mrs Яαcнɛℓ ℓɛɛ, Luah  Ain't gonna have it another way. anything just DM (direct msg) me 😁rj_label

Sunday hangout with my grown up friends 😎

@lushlabsg classic eye treatment is super therapeutic! It help to relieve tired eyes right before lash extension, reduce/ prevent eye bags and dark circles. (first trial at $38). if you need more intense therapy, they also provide DMS eye treatment which target on eyebags, dark circles and fine lines with visible result in one session at $68. 😊 happy PH everyone!

Just did @gangnamlaserclinic signature laser facial!
Qswitched Ng:Yag laser which helps to reduce pore size, rejuvenate the skin (giving you clearer skin and smoother texture) and lightens pigmentation. A maintanence of once a month is the best 😊

for first timer like me, first try is only at $48 ( for 12 sessions is $1180) hehehehe! thank you for the luxurious facial session Gangnam clinic! ❤️

Time flies!
I have been using Nivea Super Mousse for 1 month already! My skin feels hydrated, soft and smooth after each facial wash. No dry or tight feeling which value adds to my liking!
NIVEA Super Mousse is free of soap and alcohol! Not just that, it is also free of Parabens, Silicone, Mineral Oils & colorants, that explains why it feel so gentle on skin!
It's very lightweight, one pump is enough to clean the whole face. Me love NIVEA Super Mousse truckloads because it made my face feel squeaky clean without the tight feeling! 😊

I did my eyebrow embroidery at Mary Chia about two years ago. It was one of my greatest fear that it faded into red pigments as time goes by. Approached a lot of beauticians and all of them advise me to laser it off. it's never in my options because it's mad effing painful and costly. There are several reasons why they aren't comfortable in handling my brows: 1) the red pigments is too strong that it's hard to trace it over 2) there is a high possibility that I will end up with two tone brow color 3) it's even more challenging to reshape.
I am very thankful to meet Twinkle (@mybrowkit), the only beautician who is confident enough to take on my challenging brows. 🤣
@mybrowkit did colour toning for my existing red undertone brows.
This is the 2nd time, and you can see the redness is almost gone!
Because of the existing embroidery shape, @mybrowkit cannot reshape my brows to my preferred shape as the tail is too long and not balanced. She had to conceal the tail using a skin colour pigment. Colour is mixed according to each person’s skin colour. (Eyebrow Concealing (an alternative to laser treatment)- This process is similar to toning and need at least 3 times to see the full effect depends on individual skin condition, existing pigments and skin’s ability to take in new colour pigments. )

I know most of us has reservations in going to a home based brow and lash place. But take a look at @mybrowkit‘s home based studio (swipe left!). The studio is clean and beautifully designed with great ambience. Location is just 5 mins away from orchard!

All equipments at @mybrowkit studio are sterilize in UV machine and all needles and blades are only one time use. She will show you the new blade before embroidery session, don’t worry. All numbing cream and colour pigments are from USA and FDA approved - ⚠️ don’t risk your health and go to places you’re not sure where the things are from.

If you have any eyebrows concern, can dm Twinkle for free photo consultation. She's very friendly!

looking forward to my third session Twinkle, @mybrowkit! ❤️
(I can’t wait to reshape my brows once we set the tone right! 😬)

madly in love with my fairy MEGA-volume eyelashes from @bellebeautyhouse.sg (no second doubt on its durability and comfort level) ✅ i’m always ready to head out in 5 now you know why..

Ojesh, from @beautyglowingup 😊

"love your spouse more than you love your career, hobbies, and money. That other stuff can't love you back"
Winter Wonderland Wedding put up together by;
Ballroom/ foyer decorations:@victoriaweddingcollection
Wed planner/ mua/ videography/ photography: @haithwedplanning hand bouquet: @thewildestflowersg
Ballroom florist: @singseesoon
hair: @articabyjuno
Eyelash: @bellebeautyhouse.sg
Gown: @mdwsg handicraft reception table: @themetables
A big thank you! ❤️

Hello girlfriends, finally get my hands on NIVEA Super Mousse Facial Cleanser. (comes in 3 variant: Pearl White for dull skin, Hydration for dry skin & White Oil Clear for oily skin)
Tip for choosing a good cleanser: Avoid choosing cleanser that contains soap and alcohol (even parabens, Silicone, Mineral oils & colourant), it can be quite harsh on skin as it strip off skin natural moisture resulting in dry, tight, squeaky feeling. Instead, look out for the one that can offer you dense foam! ☁️ New gem found and it's NIVEA Super Mousse! The FIRST Nivea facial cleanser that comes with convenient pump format which dispenses dense, soft & fine micro foam easily (the foam particles are tiny enough to penetrate even more deeply within pores to remove impurities and grime thoroughly). I feel fresh, smooth & hydrated skin after every facial wash!

I AM IMPRESSED bcoz it's superb moisturizing and I really do enjoy immersing my face into the super fluffy foam! 😊

#NIVEAsg #NIVEASuperMousseSg

found you Nemo . .

I am almost never sure of what I want but I am always sure of what I don’t want. oh life in twenties.. do you feel the same?

hello girlfriends!
I just went to touch up my eyelashes at @bellebeautyhouse.sg 👀 yup, touch up not re-do because their lashes are so durable that it does not require me to do a new set again (really time savior!) I a bit OCD so wanna fill in the gaps to perfect it after having it on for almost 2 months! they have relocated to 9 King Albert Park #02-31 and I really love their newly decorated space. conducive environment + relaxing 😊
Just in case you find my brows weird 😞, Im currently with @mybrowkit in the midst of reshaping my brows. 2 years ago my mom brought me to Mary Chia to do eyebrow embroidery.. As time goes by it fades into horrid red brows. Many beauticians advise me to laser it off and start fresh again.
2 main reasons why they refused to do another set of eyebrow embroidery for me:
1) it's hard to trace it over as there is a risk of duo tone
( eg, dark brown + red)
2) it will be challenging to reshape it because my red residue is too dark, I might end up with very thick eyebrows 😱 😭
I am so hesitant to do laser because it is very costly and painful. Thank you Twinkle from @mybrowkit for taking me in. Twinkle tone my brows with Green color in hope to neutralize it. I still need another 2 more toning sessions and if everything goes according to plan, I can reshape it without the need to laser. fingers crossed 🤞🏻. I'm currently at day 9, gonna meet Twinkle again in a month's time. will update again! swipe left to see my before & after 🤗

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