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Rachel Wynn Earls  Daughter of God Puppy mom🐶 YouTuber & Photographer 🎥 Army Wife 🇺🇸Baby on the way🍼


If I’m being totally honest this pregnancy has not been easy for me. I’m almost 30 weeks pregnant and I’ve only actually felt “good” for about 4 of those weeks. It’s weird because when I sit down and think about it it becomes very evident that I haven’t felt good pretty much the entire time- in fact I’ve realized how much I have downplayed my back pain. I honestly can’t sit in a chair for more than ten minutes without it really hurting. The weird thing is that although it has been hard on my body, it has still been one of the most exciting times in my life. My first thoughts about my pregnancy aren’t about the pain, they are always those of the exciting times from finding out about our little miracle, telling Harold he was going to be a Dad, sharing the gender with our family, feeling our sweet boy move around, and soon welcoming him into this world! I swear I have a smile on my face every single day at some point and my husband continues to make me laugh uncontrollably. We have made so many special memories that far outweighs anything else. I guess I just wanted to share this because even during the hard times I promise there is so much good and joy to experience and it always out weighs the bad. No it isn’t fun being in pain and not feeling like myself sometimes but I’d do it time and time again for these special moments. I love my little family so much it is crazy and I just feel very thankful that I am able to be our little one’s momma! #pregnant #pregnancy #bump

I try my best to express my feelings and share my heart but there truly aren’t words for how much this man means to me! I am grateful for every moment we have together and during the times we are apart I am still grateful. He is the one I celebrate with- from the smallest little things to the biggest blessings- he is the one I want to share my special moments with. When we can’t celebrate together, as much as my heart yearns for him, I celebrate the fact that I have someone who I care that deeply for. I celebrate the fact that it is hard being away from him because dang it just means we have something so abundantly special that makes it hard to be apart. I’m grateful that sometimes it isn’t easy because it only reminds me time and time again how worth it it is! I’m grateful that each time we are reunited, whether it’s only been a “normal” work day, a week, a month or more, my heart can’t help but celebrate. I never want to be apathetic when my husband is away or when he comes home. People ask me all the time for advice on getting through times of distance and separation. It’s not the answer people want but my answer is that it should be hard. The truth is if you feel apathetic then honestly it probably isn’t worth it-or if you're already married then you have some work to do. Now of course there are healthy ways of coping and distracting yourself but ultimately it comes down to choosing love. I will choose love every day for all of my days.

28 weeks & 2 days prego with Baby Earls! The fact that I'm in my third trimester is pretty insane! We are getting closer and closer to little man's arrival and our hearts are just bursting with joy each day as we get one step closer to meeting our son! If you're curious about how I've been doing thus far and to see more of the bump, there are lots of updates in the recent vlogs on our YouTube channel! #28weekspregnant #bump #pregnant #thirdtrimester #bumpstyle

I never wanted just a good love. Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed, wished and prayed for a Great love. A crazy kind of love that was full of a God like love. I knew back in 2012 when I met Harold that this was the love I had been praying for all those years. Today we celebrate two years of marriage! Two years that have been nothing short of great and crazy-kind of mind blowing actually. Today we were reminiscing about all that has happened in these two years and how crazy it is to think about how many more milestones and memories can and probably will happen in the next two years- and gosh it's exciting to think about because I get to do life with my very best friend! If there is one thing I can tell people, it is to wait for your Great love! I promise you won't regret it and just because you haven't found it yet doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Be patient and be prayerful- it is well worth the wait!

Backyard pool day with the pups and my 27 week baby bump! Little man is the size of a bunch of bananas and Ranger & Tracker were going bananas over the water hose! 🐶💦👙🍌#pregnant #27weekspregnant #bump #summer #family

Love me forever ♥

When you want to buy a cactus but realize it probably isn't the most baby friendly! 🌵 Also thank you Instagram for making me have to decide if I want to cut off my face or my bump to fit your dimensions- today the bump wins! 😂 #bump #26weekspregnant #pregnancy #pregnant #bumpstyle

26 weeks pregnant today and I hope baby Earls loves nature as much as mom and dad do! His little eyes are starting to open this week and I can't wait for him to take in the beauty of God's creation! #savannahgeorgia #pregnant #pregnancy #26weekspregnant

Today marks 25 weeks of being pregnant with our baby boy and we got to celebrate my dear friend Hillary marry the love of her life! Took my shoes off as soon as I got in the car to find my newest pregnancy symptom- swollen feet! We had a good laugh, but I can't say I'm overly excited about having jumbo feet for the next 15 weeks! Baby Earls is about 2 pounds and 14 inches tall and loves to practice his karate chops on me 24/7! #pregnant #pregnancy #25weekspregnant

23 weeks pregnant and baby boy is making sure the world knows he is coming! There is no hiding this bump anymore! In a few months my world is going to completely change in the best way possible and I am so excited! #pregnant #bump #bumpstyle #23weekspregnant #babyboy

We are huge celebrators- from holidays to special occasions to big and small life events, we just love to celebrate! It has already been so fun celebrating baby Earls and I can't wait for him to be here and join us in life's celebrations! Little man, you have a mommy and daddy who already adore you so much! #babyboy #pregnant #itsaboy #family

We love surprises and we love to celebrate! Sunday we got to share the very exciting news with our family and friends that we are having a baby boy! I just posted our gender reveal party vlog on our YouTube channel so check it out for all the excitement! Also huge shout out to my dear friend @chelseamcdonaldphotography for capturing this special moment!!! 💙#genderreveal #babyboy #itsaboy #pregnant

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