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Rachel Wynn Earls  Daughter of God Puppy mom🐶 YouTuber & Photographer 🎥 Army Wife 🇺🇸Baby on the way🍼


Tomorrow I'll be 38 weeks pregnant & we found out that our baby boy has dropped!!! It's crazy to think that he will be here so very soon after all this time of waiting & praying!! We spent the day doing lots of baby laundry and trying to get the house ready for our little one! Taking a little break and headed to my husband's Battalion Infantry ball! Check out the new vlog to see our Dr. appointment! #pregnant #babybump #38weekspregnant

Third and final baby shower is in the books and it's safe to say our sweet squishy face of a son is loved by so many!!! We are blessed beyond measure by the generosity and love shown to our growing family! Less than 3 weeks now (hopefully)!! Check out the newest vlog to see more from our shower! #babyshower #37weekspregnant #finalcountdown #pregnant

Little Man's Due Date is only 1 Month Away!!! We got to see his smushy little face today at our ultrasound! He is measuring 5lbs 10oz & right on schedule! #35weekspregnant #bump #babybump

35 weeks & 2 days! Don't be fooled, I'm pretty sure the pups still have no idea they are getting a little brother! #35weekspregnant #bump #pregnant

Throwing it back to this special day as I think about all the things I want to teach our little boy! Thanks to my parents I grew up understanding the importance of volunteering and giving back. As I grew up it became my life mission to make a difference in this world. I’ve learned that it’s everything from small acts of kindness, using my gifts and passions for good, to giving back in big ways when possible. There truly are so many ways we can make a difference and it’s exciting to think that one day I’ll get to watch my son impact this world and I can’t wait to see how!  We are teaming up with @shopkick in their Kicking for a Cause campaign that raises $50,000 for charity! If you’re looking for an easy and free way to make a difference too then check out the app (link in bio) and start collecting kicks by simply checking in at stores near you! #Sponsored

It's crazy to think about how much love we share between us already & how that love is only going to grow and be magnified when our baby boy enters this world so soon! Being married and now being pregnant has taught me so much about Jesus' sacrificial love for us! I can't imagine the emotions we will feel the first time we see our boy's face! #family #loveofmylife #pregnant

There are some friends that come into your life that no matter the distance or time apart you always pick up right where you left off!! What a blessing it was to hug this sweet soul today and talk about the many ways God has worked in our lives! Love you always my sweet ray of sunshine! 💕☀️

Ranger won't be the only little man of the house for much longer! I have a feeling Baby Earls & Range will be besties!

Just wanted to give a little shoutout to all the mommas out there that have had to go through their pregnancy alone or with their husband away. Being a military wife I always knew there was no guarantee that I'd have Harold by my side during this time but I am beyond grateful that he has been here! You mommas are so very strong and warriors for your little ones! I feel honored to soon have someone call me mama- a word that means a million things. I think we normally use words like caring, loving, and nurturing to describe moms (which is all true) but words like sacrifice, strength, bravery, fortitude, and perseverance are what I see when I see mommas now! #32weekspregnant #pregnant #bump

32 weeks baby! Can't believe there are only 8 more weeks left of just the two of us! We have been keeping Baby Earls' name a secret since the beginning but I think we might share sometime soon!!! Also we are doing a Q&A this coming week so leave your questions on today's vlog! ❤️ #pregnant #bump #thirdtrimester #32weekspregnant

For this child we have prayed ♥ #31weekspregnant #pregnant #bump

We had plans to spend the 4th at the beach for family vacation with Harold's family but with my back pain there was no way I could make a 6hr drive. My family was in North Carolina whitewater rafting and watching fireworks from the boat, but again a 5 1/2 hr drive was just to much right now. Anyone who knows us knows how much we love adventure and jump at every opportunity to make awesome memories so it was pretty hard to pass up two really fun times to spend with our family. To be honest I felt bad that @haroldearlsiv had to miss out just because I have been in pain, but that is what love is all about- sacrifice! He was such a champ and so supportive & we ended up still having a blast just the two of us at a local waterpark! I feel loved every single day, but an act of sacrificial love always reminds me of Jesus' love for us and how we are to love one another. Today and everyday I am thankful for His love and my husband's love. How grateful I am to know my son will enter this world with a Heavenly Father & an earthly father who will sacrifice and love him & his momma so much! #thankful

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