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HEY GUYS princess polly and i are giving away a $250 gift card to 2 different winners :) #ad
all you need to do to enter is
-follow me and @princesspollyboutique
-like this post
-& tag 2 people
the winners will be chosen on November 7 and DM'd by @princesspollyboutique
and also side note, y’all can also use my code “rachel” for 20% when you buy anything from their website! BUT YEAH GOOD LUCK

i’m gonna film a tutorial on this v soon i might film a grwm for school tomorrow but we’ll see if i wake up early enough

i posted a video yay merry christmas

they love charity work <3

bruh 16😍😍😍😍 already b 😌 so sweet☺️☺️☺️🤣

ive tried posting this....3 times. and i crossed out the bottom words because it was rude of them to put brockhampton in small letters. but i saw them last night and they were so GOOD and i love them so MUCH i was so emotional and i’m so PROUD i miss them but here are some videos and pictures :,)) ALSO THE LAST PICWIDNK

i had so much fun at #Sixflags #FrightFest !! #ad i just posted a new video on it when i was there (link is in my bio) AND IT WAS SO SCARY im so proud of myself and happy that i went i thought i would cry but i didn’t 😌☝️ y’all can use the promo code “zombie” for an extra free ticket for a friend when you buy a season pass so y’all can be spooked together @sixflags

some pics yesterday before the kali concert🙈🙈AND ALSO A PIC OF DRAKE??? cause he was there which was super confusing like we were just there listening to kali and we turn and drake is just standing there?? WHAT but yeah i didn’t get any pics of kali because she was too far but she was STUNNING anyway this caption was unnecessary but i just thought i should share

HERE ARE SUM PICS I TOOK YESTERDAY AND a new video is up!!! yay

i’m so tired but my nails are orange again hello. ps. i’m also about to edit tomorrow’s vid yay

OKAY SO I MISS HAWAII SO MUCH IT WAS SO FUN and also i love y’all so much and i’m super sorry for not posting i always explain myself so y’all kinda know why but i’m filming videos today and i’m really trying! i love y’all sorry uhgen i know it’s annoying ty for waiting😔💖💕💞💗

i tried the fenty eyeliner today and it’s my new favorite it’s so good
sum details
@fentybeauty flyliner
@lillylashes in miami
@blushtribe hasina palette
@fentybeauty foundation in 190
@pixibeauty highlight

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