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JED is now in post production and we will have a new official trailer soon and I COULDNT BE MORE EXCITED!! 💖 I LOVE LOVE LOVE these girls and all the people that were a part of the filming and the entire experience of shooting this movie! 🎥 This is a note I sent to all of my fellow cast and crew a few weeks ago: "For some reason, I am just sitting here in bed at 3 a.m. reminiscing about putting fake throw up in my mouth and I just busted out laughing. But it reminded me just how much I miss all of you and shooting JED. It was some of the most fun I have ever had, and I am so grateful to have worked with a group of people who were so willing to put EVERYTHING they had into a film shoot and do WHATEVER it took to make the shots perfect. Like making throw up, and bear traps, and spending hours doing SFX makeup for a 5 second shot, and staying up for 24 hours to get all the shots in, sitting (and sometimes complaining 😂) in stifling heat while also having a fire roaring in your face making it feel like Hades...I could go on, but you all already know. I still can't forget laughing through the same scene over and over again for hours ("I wasn't on a fucking hill Macy!" 😂😂😂) and everybody getting their "fucks" in lol. Regardless....I am so honored to have been a part of JED, but also so sad that the experience is over. I miss you guys."

On this day last year, the music video for Aeralie Brighton's song "Breathe" was released. You can search it on YouTube to see the full video. 💖

I'm a day late but HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Check out this VLOG from Colorful Life Productions on the LGBTQ Horror Film, JED, that I worked on this past summer! Link in my bio for a limited time!

Six unsuspecting friends, two bloodthirsty brothers...who will make it out of the woods alive??
Find out when JED is released!
Repost from Outlandish Productions. 🎥🎬

The Lineup will be showing at Horror in the Hills in Gatlinburg, TN next Saturday October 13th! Use the link in my bio for more information and to get tickets! They are only $10 or you can purchase one at the door. P.S. I'll be there! And there will be a Q&A session after our film block! Our film is one of the last ones to play, but why not enjoy an ENTIRE day of films??! See you guys there! I'm so excited 😁🎬🎥

The Podcast I did with @independentwasteland is now out! Check them out on YouTube to watch the full video! Link is in my bio for a limited time! Or simply search IndependentWasteland on YouTube and you will find them 😊

BTS of JED for a super serious scene. I really cannot wait for the day that I get to share this film with everyone. I have so much love for this entire experience ❤

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Blocking out a night scene for “JED” with actresses @laura_s_hotmess and @rachelbair and Director @lauryn_g
Photo: @komadoriphotography
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I will be working on a new project very soon! It is a 90s based TV Show being filmed right here in Nashville! Wanna know more? Want some cool Teddy Love Swag like this bag I have here? Click the link in my bio! Find out what the show is all about, and see what perks you can get by being a sponsor!

Forever missing my Home away from Home ✌🌴🌊

That view tho.... 😍💕

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