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BTS of JED for a super serious scene. I really cannot wait for the day that I get to share this film with everyone. I have so much love for this entire experience ❤

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Blocking out a night scene for “JED” with actresses @laura_s_hotmess and @rachelbair and Director @lauryn_g
Photo: @komadoriphotography
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I will be working on a new project very soon! It is a 90s based TV Show being filmed right here in Nashville! Wanna know more? Want some cool Teddy Love Swag like this bag I have here? Click the link in my bio! Find out what the show is all about, and see what perks you can get by being a sponsor!

I am so happy to finally share a little bit of the latest project I am working on here in Nashville! Like the teaser trailer?? Then make sure to click the link in my bio and join our campaign to get more updates! Check out @nightowltv and follow them! They will have updates before I will!

Forever missing my Home away from Home ✌🌴🌊

That view tho.... 😍💕

New Last Name Coming Soon... 💍😍💏

From my first ever Podcast with @independentwasteland . Available soon!! 👍❤

I AM GOING TO BE A GUEST ON MY FIRST EVER PODCAST!! This is super cool to me and I'm so excited for it. It is going to be with @independentwasteland and as soon as the Podcast is finished and released, I will be sure to let everyone know! BUT ALSO, they will be doing a LIVE Q&A with me tomorrow, August 14 around 7:30 p.m. Central Time, so if any of you are available and would like to be a part of the LIVE Q&A, tomorrow is your chance to join in and ask me anything (and see my reactions as well) 😂 Go follow them so you are notified when they go LIVE with me tomorrow. SEE YOU THERE! ❤❤

The Lineup, a short film that I starred in, has been picked for two film festivals so far! How exciting! I can't wait to see what else it accomplishes! Good vibes!!! 👍❤😊🎥

During production of @jedtrilogy , whenever I was not acting in a current scene being filmed, the Director @lauryn_g was so very kind to let me learn some Behind the Camera work! So...of course, I had to do it in style with my new super comfy pants from @lilybod ! Thank you so much LILYBOD for sending these to me, and in my favorite color too! LILYBOD has a ton of great clothes to pick from, but these are their Amber Coral Blush pants. In case you want them too 😉

So I can finally share all of this awesome work with you guys! TWO new music videos just came out that I had the privilege of working in! First off...KNOWN by TAUREN WELLS @taurenwells . A PHENOMENAL artist, and I'm still surprised that some of my friends have no idea who he is! The link to this music video will be in my bio for a limited time!! Second...SIMPLE by FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE! @floridageorgialine . Go to their page, and the link to this music video is in THEIR bio!! I think it was super cool that I ran into a friend of mine from the Ballroom Dance Community and got to work with him ❤ And OF COURSE it was super fun to play dress up and pretend I was in the 1930s for awhile. 😜❤

HEY GUYS! So I just want to share the News Story that aired on TV last night in North Carolina! It is all about the LGBTQ feature film, JED, that I am acting in! The link is in my bio, so be sure to click on it and check out the video! ⬆⬆⬆ Also...once you watch the video, scroll down past the article and there is a link that you can click on to find out more about JED and even get yourself some pretty cool things! You can get a lunch with the actors who play Courtney and Jordan, you can have your product placed in our movie, you can get Courtney's night gown, etc.! So go check it out! ❤❤❤ And once again, thank you all soooo much for your support in my life! ❤

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