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✿Rachel Arroyos✿  Spinning like a girl in a brand new dress | UCR 🐻💙💛

Pictures so nice I don't need a filter #springsplash2017

Stupid proud of this fool for graduating @gamejo1

"Eat my shorts"

Schools already making me stressed 😩 wish I could go back

Please enjoy this heavily edited photo of my brother and I eating shrimp 🍤🍤🍤🍤

We came out so cute ❤🌹

Low quality pic but high quality fun

Cook out, cook in

The motto

One of the nicest people I've ever meet, Frank Mercado is going through a hard time right now and he needs your help. Please donate anything you can to his gofundme page. Also linked on my fb & bio
#frankmercado #gofundme #donate

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