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Rachel Antonoff  Fashion, wow!

it’s Wednesday, the best day for shopping the april turtle!

@laurahansonsims by @edithwyoung


ready your duck face

@rickantonoff by @edithwyoung

layer the jackie over the anita and do your frens a significant fascinate

the anita dress is perfect for:
✔️day 2 night ✔️work 2 drinks ✔️confession to skee-ball

12-0643 TPX Blazing Yellow

sitka on @carolinaits 📸 by @edithwyoung

duck duck goose

Quinn in the HF tee 💘

more more more
@laurahansonsims shot by @edithwyoung

come for the dalmatian print, stay for the vinyl collar. the new Jessi jacket is here!! It would probably be best to get the April turtleneck while you’re at it?

@laurahansonsims by @edithwyoung

our bijou sweater in good company with @clarevivier and @jaggarfootwear courtesy of @lisasaysgah 🤙🏽

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